Grow your wedding business by livestreaming for your clients

Are you a wedding planner, DJ, photographer, officiant, or venue owner? Go live in seconds with HD live streaming from your phone or professional camera.
Use for free for unlimited events. No CC required
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Over 10,000 weddings streamed around the world.

End-to-end Livestream

Simple And High Quality

Go live in just a few minutes with our mobile app*. No special equipment purchase needed.

Twitch and other platforms works for streamers with cabled internet connection, but not for weddings in a variety of venues.

Lovecast uses AI algorithms to optimize video and sound quality. Built by a team of industry experts from Google and Amazon.

* Also supports professional cameras.

Amazing Guest Experience

Effortless and Immersive

One-click to join, no login or app download.

Engage guests with live chat, digital photo guestbook , audio guest tables, virtual rice toss, and other features.

Impress clients with video downloads, live chat PDF download, digital photo guestbook PDF printout, and auto-play welcome videos.

Branding & Client Management (Upcoming)

Your brand deserves the best

Create added value for your service, get more word-of-mouth referrals and build brand awareness.

Own your livestream platform end-to-end. Delight your client with your own virtual wedding management portal where they can customize the event page to their liking.

No copyright issue, no fear of Youtube ads, just the premium service from you.


Use for free for unlimited events. 90 minutes HD streaming per event.
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Need longer streaming time or connecting with your DSLR cameras?
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“Lovecast is so easy to setup and the streaming quality from their mobile app is amazing. Zoom weddings are overrated and I found that most of my couples and their guests actually prefer Lovecast. “
- Joseph Kohn, Owner of iQ Photo

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