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How is Lovecast different from Zoom?

Lovecast is a one-way stream with an unlimited number of guests.

This prevents interruption during your wedding celebration: with one-way streaming, guests will not accidentally take the spotlight when they unmute themselves. Your guests will still be able to join the live chat to interact with other guests via text. Most couples found streaming to a large group of remote guests this way much more stress-free.

Additionally, Zoom only allow for 360p video quality for group sizes larger than 2, whereas Lovecast uses high-quality 1080p livestreaming technology and automatically saves the recording to your event website and directly onto your phone.

Can I start and stop the livestream multiple times?

Absolutely! We know there are a lot of memorable moments you want to share with your guests. We’ve had users go live when the bride and groom are getting ready, when exchanging gifts, at first look, at the ceremony, at the first dance, and at many other moments. Feel free to start and stop the stream whenever you like.

Can I watch my livestream after my wedding ends?

Absolutely! You can watch or download your online recordings on your Lovecast website. We also automatically save the video locally on the device that was used for livestreaming.

How does Lovecast use our guests' information?

The privacy and security of your guests are our top priority! We only contact your guests on your wedding day if they signed up to get notified by us. For further questions, feel free to read our privacy policy.

Does Lovecast work for international guests?

Yes! Lovecast works for guests in any countries around the world.

How long will I have access to my livestreamed videos on the shared link?

Your Lovecast website (including your photo guestbook) will be there forever. However, we only store the livestream recordings on the website for up to a year (starting from your event date). You can download the recordings during the year, or directly access the videos saved locally on the device that was used for livestreaming.

Who owns the rights to the video?

You do :)

Is my link private?

Yes, each livestream link is private. Nobody will be able to access your event without the link. We specifically ask search engines (like Google) to not index the website so that it won't appear on any search results either.

Can I manage my event on my computer or do I have to download the mobile app?

You can manage your event from your computer with our host website, which has the same features as the mobile app (minus the "go live" part)

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How do I view a wedding?

Simply open the link the couple shared with you on any device you prefer (e.g., a computer, a mobile phone or a tablet) and that's all you need! No app download or login required. Once the wedding starts, the video will automatically play.

Do I need to download the Lovecast app to watch the wedding?

No, you don't need to download the app. All you need is the URL link the bride/groom will be sharing with you to livestream their wedding day.

The livestream is delayed or not happening?

Lovecast is a software platform for couples to DIY their wedding live-streaming. Although we provide instructions to help the couple and their designated co-host set up the live-streaming, we are not involved in the logistics at the wedding site.

Can I chat with other guests who are viewing the livestream?

Absolutely! Lovecast offers a live chat on the event page that gives you the ability to talk with other guests as you're live streaming the wedding.

Can I livestream the wedding on the TV?

Yes! And we have a guide for you.

Can I relive the videos after the wedding?

Absolutely! We will have the video up on the link for a year after the wedding.

The livestream has no sound?

You can double check to see if the video is muted on your device (some web browsers mute videos by default upon initial page load). If you are sure that your device is not muted and you still can not hear the sound very well, you can share the feedback to the livestream co-host through the event live chat. The livestream co-host is usually an onsite guest or vendor that volunteers to help the couple. They may not be able to act on the sound qualty feedback (e.g., they can't move any closer to the couple during the ceremony).

Lovecast Setup

Does Lovecast work on a mobile connection?

Yes! Lovecast works for both mobile LTE and WiFi connections.

My venue doesn't have a steady internet connection.

We suggest checking with your wedding venue regarding internet connection before your wedding day. You can simply run an internet speed test at the venue if possible and aim for an upload speed of at least 3MB/s. You can also perform a streaming test with our app to test out video and sound quality.

Is my website link private?

Yes! Lovecast hides your event link from all search engines such as Google. Only your guests with the shared link will be able to access your website. (However, be aware that guests cannot be prevented from sharing the link more widely.)

What equipments do I need?

The short answer is, you only need a smartphone with internet connection.

To improve your video quality, we do recommend getting a simple tripod to avoid shaky hands.As for audio, Lovecast uses state-of-art technology to capture the best quality audio directly from your phone*. So in most cases, you do not need an external microphone.

*Disclaimer : the actual mic quality varies among phones. You can do a test stream beforehand to determine if an external mic is still needed for your phone.

How do I invite my remote guests?

You can simple share your Lovecast URL we generated for you. Share it on social media, text/email, or on your wedding website.

How do I edit my event info?

In your Lovecast app, Go to the "Personalize" tab for your event. Then click the "Edit Basic Info" to edit the event name, couple names, date time, and location of your event. If you need to update your cover photo, you can select the "Update Cover Photo".

Can I delete any video clips I don't want?

Yes you can! To delete any video clip from stream recordings, go to the "manage" tab in the app and select the video clip you want to deleted.

Is my livestream private?

Yes! Lovecast hides your event link from all search engines such as Google. Only your guests with the shared link will be able to access your website. (However, be aware that guests cannot be prevented from sharing the link more widely.)

Can I livestream from a DSLR camera or my computer?

Yes you can. We have a guide on how to set it up.

General Questions

What devices do guests need to watch our wedding?

Your guests can use almost any device, like an iPhone, iPad, laptop, or even a Chromecast.

Can I stream with multiple devices at the same time?

Today we don’t support this feature, but our product team is working on enabling it. Stay tuned!

Can I add my shared URL on my wedding website?

Check out our blog that explains how to add your livestream link to your wedding website.

How does Lovecast work?

Please reference our "How it Works" tab to get the best out of Lovecast app.

Can my guests watch from China?

Yes! Lovecast can be viewed from any country in the world, including China.

Can I download my livestream video?

Surprise! A copy of all your streamed videos are saved to your phone in HD. But if you need an online copy to download, you can go to the "manage" section in the app to download the recording.