How to Watch A Wedding Livestream on TV

How to Watch A Wedding Livestream on TV

September 21, 2020

One great thing about Lovecast is, as a guest, you can watch the livestream on any device you want, including a TV! Here is the instruction on how to set up the wedding livestream on TV. We recommend you try out on both the real Lovecast URL shared by the couple and our example wedding URL.

In most cases, you would need a phone, a tablet, or a computer to first load the URL and then cast (i.e., mirror) the device screen to the TV. Below we’ve compiled a list of instructions for common TV media systems to guide you through.

Using Chromecast

You can currently cast to Chromecast from your Android phone or computer. Open the Lovecast page on your Android phone or computer, and follow the following instruction set up:

From Android

From Computer  

Using Apple TV

Apple TV supports casting from a wide range of iOS devices (Mac, iPhone, iPads etc.). The instruction can be found here.

Using Roku

Roku supports casting from Android phones or computers. The instruction can be found here.

Other Smart TVs

If you have other Smart TV models, we recommend you Googleing “screen mirroring” with your TV’s model to find the most accurate instruction.

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