Here's why GoPro weddings are the latest wedding day trend

Get ready to capture one-of-a-kind wedding memories.
Here's why GoPro weddings are the latest wedding day trend

August 1, 2021

It seems like GoPro weddings are everywhere these days, and there are some pretty good reasons for that. Videographers can be costly, and GoPro's provides a high-quality DIY wedding video alternative that can give unique footage of your special day. 

For livestream, the angles from a GoPro are engaging for your loved ones to watch, and the ability for creative angles can't be beaten. There's more to GoPro wedding videos than, say, using your iPhone. Its smooth hyper stabilization function ensures a smooth capture that doesn't require too much work even in-motion during shaky camera scenarios. If you have a few stunts planned for your video, GoPro is definitely the better option

We've put together top tips on how to use GoPro cameras for your big day.

3 Big reasons why GoPro weddings rock

1. One less thing off your wedding planning list

Aside from reading some reviews on Amazon or nailing down the logistics of how you want to incorporate the GoPro as a compliment to your wedding photos, it can be less of a time suck / monetary investment than sorting through portfolios of a traditional videographer. 

2. Elopements or small size weddings can still include family and friends

The GoPro can be livestreamed so that your loved ones can be part of your wedding day, even if it's a destination wedding or elopement.

3. Candid footage that's one of a kind:

You may opt to stick the camera on a tripod and do a time-lapse of the wedding ceremony or wedding party. 

Some of our favorite stories from GoPro weddings involve creative choices like sticking the camera on a wine bottle or dog collar that circulates at the reception. The GoPro's improvised footage is fun and makes for truly awesome social media content (with a bit of video editing later). Keep in mind that the angles you choose will significantly impact the style and tone of your polished video.

Tips for optimal GoPro wedding videography

  • Test your functions ahead of time: Angles, zoom, wide-angle— get comfortable with all that your GoPro camera can do before the big day. Keep in mind that modifications to the camera must be done in-app as the camera body itself does not have your typical camera buttons. Testing GoPro gear ahead of time will let you know if you'll need additional light sources.
  • Decide who should be wearing the camera and when: If you prefer a more structured event that incorporates messages from the bridal party or other traditional footage, create an itinerary and make sure your GoPro director knows when and how to use the camera. 
  • Connect it with your Livestream: Our Lovecast livestreams always feature test events so you can ensure the wifi signal is strong enough. You'll need an upload speed of more than 3MB/s to ensure the video is smooth. The test event ensures that you're happy with the aesthetic beforehand and that everything is working.

GoPro footage helps to spice up your special day

Lovecast supports Livestream from a GoPro, and it can be a great alternative since it uniquely puts your wedding guests in the center of the action. It can almost feel like wedding photography meets virtual reality! All you need to make it happen is a strong wifi signal and some creative editing, and you'll have both an immersive experience for your guests and the keepsake of a lifetime.

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