How to Send Your Virtual Wedding Invitation

How to Send Your Virtual Wedding Invitation

April 14, 2021

Even if we can’t have the same big blown-out ceremonies or wedding party sizes as pre-covid19, the same age-old consideration applies to your virtual wedding invitation.

It’s hard to know where to look for this information since it’s all-new. That’s why we’ve devised this handy-dandy guide to wedding invites with everything you need to know about inviting your nearest and dearest to the wedding livestream.

Our goal is always to make it easy for each wedding guest to participate. This starts by providing the most important details with a masterful virtual wedding invitation.

In-person or online guest?

To avoid awkward blunders (or the violation of local health and safety restrictions), you’ll want to be painstakingly clear about whether your guest is expected to attend in-person or tune into the wedding livestream.

While it may seem pretty obvious that your Great Aunt Edna isn’t expected to board a plane and make her way across the country for your big day, make it clear on the virtual wedding invitation.

Here’s an example:

We’re Going Virtual!

You’re invited to join

{name} & {name}

exchange vows in a virtual wedding livestream in {location}

{day of week}, the {date} of {month}{year}



{Lovecast link}

Please RSVP in-app or via {email address}

If you’ve invited guests to an IRL (in-real-life) ceremony, update them to say that you’re shifting to plans and provide the streaming link too.

Consider time zones

The beautiful thing about hosting a virtual wedding ceremony is that more of your friends from abroad can attend without much stress or cost involved.

It also means that you’ll want to clearly mark the location and timezone of your livestream so guests can do the mental math required to be on time for your virtual wedding ceremony.

Your invite should include a light itinerary of the ceremony or the estimated length of the total celebration so that any guests can make sure to block off enough time.

How to share your virtual wedding invitation

The ways you get the word out are pretty similar to your traditional wedding, except that it can be even easier with virtual wedding invites! Since the virtual wedding ceremony is taking place online, most people will be expecting some form of digital invitation.

Send the link via the Lovecast app

Perhaps the most informal and easiest route is simply sending the link to the ceremony directly through the Lovecast app.

With the share button, you can select the best way to share the most important details of the day with your friends and family, whether that’s a text to their smartphone, an email, or via social media.

The number of guests you can share with is unlimited, and it’s a free feature included with every Lovecast wedding. The link is private and not indexed on Google, so your wedding livestream link is only available to those with whom you share it.


If you want to step up your virtual wedding invitation to something a little more design-forward and personalized, you can opt for an embedded graphic within an email invitation. They are easy to design with a user-friendly app like Canva. If you have a slightly bigger invite list (and budget) and prefer a plug-and-play option that’s tailored for weddings, check out Paperless Post.

Add to your personal wedding website

To add your virtual wedding invitation to an existing website—it’s easy! We’ve even put together a step-by-step guide for you. Feel free to drop our support team a line for any issues you’re having as a backup.

Paper invites

There is something really wonderful about a tangible wedding invite. It’s something that can be scrapbooked or kept as a keepsake for all those who attend.

That said, it can also get costly more quickly depending on how many paper invites you plan to send and how elaborate you want your invites to appear.

According to TheKnot, the cost of wedding invitations for 2020 averaged to be about $590, which is significantly more than any of the options mentioned above.

Virtual wedding invitation RSVPs

Now that you’ve crafted your virtual wedding invitation and decided on the method of delivery, there’s one last detail to cover: the RSVP method. Luckily Lovecast has provided the option for your guests to RSVP directly within the app.

The benefits to this are two-fold:

  • Your Lovecast wedding guests will be notified directly via their preferred method when the wedding livestream starts.
  • You will have an easily trackable way to manage your guest list.

You can just as easily add an RSVP-specific email address to your virtual wedding invitation for guests. This will make it easier to track than if RSVPs trickle into your email account.

Your virtual wedding guests may have questions

Remember that attending a wedding livestream is new to most people, so you can expect to get inundated with questions after sending the virtual wedding invitation. Brace yourself. A lot of the questions will be redundant.

To help eliminate some of the clutter, we put together this Lovecast guest guide ahead of time. Share this along with or shortly after you send your virtual wedding invitation to alleviate a clogged inbox and ensure a successful livestream event for everyone.

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