6 guests at your virtual wedding ceremony: guaranteed

6 guests at your virtual wedding ceremony: guaranteed

February 27, 2021

With so many couples adjusting to the switch-up to their wedding ceremony imposed by the ongoing pandemic, it can be comforting to know that a few constants remain even with a virtual wedding ceremony.

In this article, we're talking about the classic virtual wedding guests that you can expect to be a part of almost every wedding ceremony. Knowing who they are will help take the edge off and help provide a sense of predictability during a wildly unpredictable time.

Who to expect at every virtual wedding ceremony

Knowing what to expect from your guests can help you emotionally prepare for the big day. Keep reading to know what to expect from your virtual wedding guests.

1. The Chatterbox

You know that buzzy friend who's always bringing the group together. That friend who makes everyone feel included. The super extroverted chatty friend who is curious about new people they meet.

At your virtual wedding ceremony, they will be spreading their exuberant energy and messaging your other friends, commenting on the set-up, complementing your outfits, and tossing that rice, followed by many, many heart eye emojis.

This friend is stimulating the group and bringing all of their positive energy to the online experience. Even if it's just through the live chat, no ceremony would be complete without them.

2. The Cheerleader

This person may not be an extrovert like the chatterbox, but they're supporting your virtual wedding ceremony from behind the scenes. They're that friend who's considerate enough to check-in but knows that too many messages in the days leading up can be overwhelming.

Instead, they know precisely who to contact with any questions and can coordinate a thoughtful surprise for you without you even knowing it. Maybe it's a video montage of you and your partner over the years or a delivery that arrives when you need it most to let you know that "you've got this." The cheerleader is the virtual wedding guest who knows the best way to show their ongoing support.

3. The Diva

This is your glam friend, and we don't mean to imply that it's a she. Whoever they are, they wouldn't dare show up to your virtual wedding ceremony in anything less than their best threads and polished coif. You've told them that your Lovecast virtual wedding ceremony means they won't be on camera. Still, it doesn't stop them from snapping a seriously gorgeous selfie in a tiara and sharing it with their Instagram followers using your wedding hashtag.

With their impeccable fashion-forward yet effortless taste, you might question whether you're underdressed for your own wedding day.

4. The Sap

Pass the Kleenex!

This is your friend who spends the entire virtual wedding ceremony bawling their eyes out. They sent you the most thoughtfully written wedding card and are flooding your inbox post-ceremony with endearing words.

They're probably a writer or at the very least an avid romcom enthusiast. They believe in love, and more specifically, they believe in your love. They'll be able to recall the smallest details of your virtual wedding ceremony for years to come and won't be shy to gush about them with anyone who will listen.

5. The Tardy One

You already know who we're talking about.

You're not even mad about it; you've come to accept that this friend will be the one virtual wedding guest who is jumping on at the very last minute (or halfway through the speeches).

They usually have a valid reason for being late. Mostly, it's just blind optimism. Maybe they were creating an elaborate backdrop for their virtual guestbook recording and got carried away with the paper mache flowers.

Perhaps they were sharing their excitement for your big day with an elderly neighbor after delivering them some groceries and lost track of time. Whatever it is, you know they will make it; they just might be covered in glue and out of breath by the time you say your "I do" s.

6. The Director

Even if this virtual wedding guest isn't physically present, they'll be tuning in using a Bluetooth headset. This a-type virtual wedding guest will also know the itinerary front to back because they asked you for it weeks ago when they put themselves forward to be your virtual wedding ceremony director.

They've requested that you share their personal contact information so that The Tardy one can contact them when they're having trouble logging on. The director has a list of guests and has personally contacted them in advance to confirm that every guest read the guest guide.

They pointed guests to the provided gift registry for your wedding gifts and likely made some personal recommendations (they can’t help themselves). In a traditional wedding, we might call them the maid of honor or best man, but we call them The Director for modern Lovecast virtual wedding ceremonies.

Why Use Lovecast?

Lovecast provides a seamless experience for live streaming your virtual wedding ceremony. It doesn't require any heaving lifting on the tech-end, and yet it provides guests with access to all the warm and fuzzies with thoughtful features.

Use the premium features like the rice toss and virtual guest book that will help make your guests feel like they're right there engaging with you in the front row.

All Lovecast users will have access to a live chat to interact in a low-key, no-pressure way with the other guests while they watch. Lovecast keeps a recording for every couple to share and enjoy their virtual wedding ceremony for many years to come.

Lovecast Helps Make Your Virtual Wedding Ceremony Easy

Know your wedding guests and it can help take the edge off of unplanned surprises during the virtual wedding ceremony. Use Lovecast to broadcast your wedding, and it's easy-to-use interactive nature makes it a pleasure for every guest.

With or without the pandemic, livestreaming your wedding ceremonies ensures everyone gets to take part in your cherished day and for that reason and more we happen to think they’re here to stay.

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