13 Wedding Guest Book Ideas for Every Kind of Couple

13 Wedding Guest Book Ideas for Every Kind of Couple

13 Wedding Guest Book Ideas for Every Kind of Couple

September 21, 2021

As you narrow down on your wedding day details, don’t forget about this one reception detail. It’ll serve as a wonderful memento of your big day! 

We’ll talk about wedding guest book in this post. Plus, we’ll share our favorite unique, alternative keepsakes for you to use in your own wedding!  

What is a guest book at a wedding?

If you’ve ever been to a wedding where you stopped to sign a note and your name on something, then you know exactly what a wedding guest book is! 

Most couples prefer to have something on a table at their reception where guests can sign their names and leave sweet sentiments. 

There’s only a few parts of the big day the couple will get to keep forever. And a guest book is one of them! It’s a great way to look back on how many friends and family surrounded you with love on your special day.

13 wedding guest book ideas you’ll love

But plain guest books aren’t for everyone. And sometimes, a standard book to sign doesn’t fit the aesthetic of the wedding day. 

We’ve rounded up 13 unique guest book ideas for you so you can choose one that fits your style and personality best. Plus, many of these can be used for bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties, or any other special occasion! 

Vintage photo guest book

A gold framed wedding guest sign prompting guests to take photos.
Shop This Image: WishfulPaperBoutique on Etsy, Photo Guest Book Printable Sign $4.80

This is one guest book idea we absolutely love. Set out a polaroid camera with film for your guests. They can take a quick snapshot of themselves, tape it into your guest book and sign their names and a sweet well wishes. It’s a great way to keep a face with a name for years to come! 

Guest book stationary

A gorgeous wedding stationery set is used for well wishes for the newlyweds.
Shop This Image: FleurSelect on Etsy, Colored Matte Envelopes, price upon request

This is a great idea for a classic, romantic ceremony and reception. Have small note cards with envelopes in your wedding day color palette. Your guests can leave a personal note and well wishes before sealing it up. And you and your partner can open them whenever you’re ready to reminisce on your beautiful day together. 

Wine bottle guest book

Wine bottles are used as a wedding guest book idea
Shop This Image: PaperCrabb on Etsy, Wine Label Wedding Guest Book, price upon request

A perfect alternative guest book idea if you and your partner are wine lovers. Before the special occasion, purchase a bottle of your favorite wine (or as many as you’d like). On your wedding day, have your wine bottles set out for your guests to sign. Then, plan to open your bottle of wine on a certain anniversary. If you have more than one, you can spread them out at your 1 year, 5 year, and 10 year anniversaries. 

Map with pins

 A wooden wedding sign with a map so guests can mark where they traveled from.
Shop This Image: RedHeartCreations on Etsy, Map Guest Book Alternative, price upon request

Of all the wedding guest book ideas, this one is an excellent way to honor your guests who’ve traveled far and wide to make it on your wedding date! Place a map either on a table or go ahead and hang it on a wall at your reception if you can. Have colored pins nearby so your guests can place a pin on the location from which they’ve traveled to celebrate you. If you choose to have this unique guest book idea, it can also act as beautiful wedding decor for your reception!

Advice, notes, or date ideas

Small notecards are left out with a pen set for guests to give well wishes and advice to the happy couple.
Shop This Image: MarryGrams on Etsy, Advice and Wishes Wedding Guest Book Alternative, price upon request

One of the best alternative guest book ideas includes asking for marital advice from those who’ve been married far longer than you! Instead of just signing their name with “best wishes!” have your guests fill out a note card with advice from their own marriage. Or, if you have younger guests who aren’t yet married, have them give you fun date ideas for you and your partner to do in your first year of marriage. This is also a great addition for your bridal shower if you want to have multiple guest books throughout your wedding festivities! 

Framed guest book

A printed photo of the newlyweds acts as a wedding sign so guests can leave sweet notes.
Shop This Image: JadeForestDesign on Etsy, Framed Wedding Guest Book Alternative, price upon request

A great keepsake idea that also serves as décor for your home. Have a framed photo of the two of you with a large mat around it. This will give your guests plenty of space to sign it. Set it up on a table towards the front of your reception with beautiful greenery draped around it. This way, the guest book table can also act as wedding decorations during your reception! 

Acrylic guest sign

An acrylic guest sign so guests can sign in at the wedding reception.
Shop This Image: ZCreateDesign on Etsy, Alternative Guest Book Sign in Clear Acrylic, price upon request

Keep your wedding guest book idea simple with an acrylic sign. In one of the corners, at the top, or directly in the middle, have a calligrapher write your names or a monogram of your names and your wedding date. Then, let your loved ones sign the rest of the clear space. This will make for a beautiful keepsake in your home together, too! 

Signed globe

A globe acts as a wedding guest book alternative at a wedding reception.
Shop This Image: TheLetteringStudio on Etsy, Globe Alternative Guest Book, price upon request

Similar to the map with pins idea, this is another way to commemorate all of your loved ones who made it to your wedding. Especially if they came a long way to be there. Either find a vintage globe if that’s your wedding aesthetic, or find one that matches your wedding day mood. We love the look of a globe with your names and the wedding date written in gold foil. Then, leave a pen set on the table so your guests can sign it from wherever they came from. Or, have your guests sign it on a location they recommend you visit as a married couple! 

Repurposed coffee table guest book

A coffee table book with photos of the bride and groom is repurposed as a wedding guest book.
Shop This Image: LunaPaperCompany on Etsy, Photo Album Wedding Guest Book, price upon request

Nowadays, it’s easy to create your own coffee table book. Make one with photos of the two of you from your years of dating and from your engagement photo session. You can also leave a few pages open for your wedding photos to be added. Lay your coffee table book out for your guests to sign. This is a great way to keep the memories of your wedding day and all who celebrated with you close by after the day is over! 

Quilted guest book

Fabric squares are signed by guests at a wedding and then sent off to be sewn into a quilt.
Shop This Image: SouthernCharmQuilts, Wedding Guest Book Quilt, price upon request

This is an excellent keepsake idea if you’re planning a rustic wedding.  Lay out quilt squares on a table at your wedding reception. Then have your loved ones sign individual squares with fabric markers as they walk into your reception. You can send off the squares after the wedding day so they can be quilted together to make a beautiful blanket! 

Custom painted canvas

A custom painted canvas as a wedding guest book is perfect for destination weddings.
Shop This Image: JadeForestDesign on Etsy, Wedding Guest Book Alternative Sign, price upon request

This is a great idea, especially if you’re having a destination wedding. Have an artist paint a scenic view of your wedding location, or something that reminds you of where you got married. Then, have your friends and family sign it at the reception. After, you can hang your custom painted canvas in your home! 

Constellation wedding sign

The constellation on a wedding date make a unique guest book at a wedding.
Shop This Image: OurLoveWasBorn on Etsy, Custom Night Sky Alternative Guest Book, price upon request

If stargazing is one of your favorite things to do, then this wedding guest book idea is perfect for you. With modern technology, we can map star patterns before they ever arrange themselves on certain dates. Purchase a framed constellation map from your wedding day and have your guests sign it with well wishes and their name. 

Lovecast digital guest book

A Lovecast digital guest book is a perfect alternative guest book idea for your wedding. Plus, you can have it in addition to any other guest book you decide on! Using the Lovecast guest book feature means your guests who are watching from home can still send sweet notes to you and your partner on your big day. 

Guest books are a great way to commemorate your wedding day and cherish all of your loved ones who were able to celebrate alongside you! 

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