How to Politely Ask for a Cash Wedding Registry

Because cash registry is certainly the new wedding trend!
How to Politely Ask for a Cash Wedding Registry

How to Politely Ask for a Cash Wedding Registry

September 14, 2021

While some couples would be ecstatic for a new toaster oven or Vitamix, other couples may be thinking pragmatically about their honeymoon fund or the down payment on a home!

We want to destigmatize asking for a cash wedding registry instead of physical gifts. It's already a common practice in many traditional Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Italian families who want to set the newlyweds up for success—even if that includes paying their airfare to Honolulu. 

We get that asking outright can feel a little awkward, so here's everything you need to know in an all-in-one guide to tactfully getting friends and family on board with cash gifts. 

Do's and Don'ts for preparing friends, family, and your bank account for your cash fund wish list

Asking for cash gifts has the potential to rub people the wrong way, but if done tactfully, it can become a seamless gifting experience that wedding guests come to love and appreciate. Here are the key do's and don’ts of opting for a cash wedding registry.

Do use a cash registry website

Luckily the wedding industry has noted modern couples looking to move practically towards their big day. Zola and Honeyfund are two great options to consider that easily link to your wedding website or Lovecast event page.

Honeyfund is an excellent option for couples who want to focus on a honeymoon registry. It offers gift ideas that are focused on your honeymoon plans.

Zola incorporates a honeymoon fund, traditional registry items, and cash, so there's a bit more flexibility for gifting.

Don't ask for cash on your wedding invitation 

You can be antsy to make sure everyone knows your wishes and share registry sites here but don't. Keep your wedding invitation for basic information like location, time, and RSVP information. Asking for cash on a wedding invitation is the definition of putting the cart before the horse.

Do tell wedding guests how you plan to use their wedding gift

You can opt out of using a registry website and include a Paypal or Venmo link on your wedding website. If you plan to go this route, let guests know what their cash contribution is going towards—even if it's an unglamorous home improvement job like replacing your furnace.

Don't leave off a traditional gift registry  

Some guests won't be on board with the cash wedding registry and will still wish to provide you with linen, kitchen appliances, or plates—make sure it's from a store that you like and include the best options for them (and you). The Knot has some great inspo if you find yourself wondering what items to include.

Do let loved ones know you prefer a cash wedding registry over physical gifts

It can help when your bridal party understands what your goals are. Ask them to share your desire for cash gifts openly. It doesn't hurt to also ask the most reliable (and creative) member of your wedding party to make or source a pretty collection box for the cards and envelopes at your wedding reception.

Don't ask for a cash registry for showers and events leading up to the wedding day

While it can be nice to have cash coming in as early as possible, it's our advice that you either graciously accept whatever gifts you’re given at the showers or organize an event in lieu of gifts altogether. This can be anything from a spa day to a ski weekend where the memories of a great day organized by your friends becomes the gift itself..

Do add a direct payment link to your wedding registry

Of course, you want to be mindful of your guests when including a cash wedding registry. Part of this etiquette is helping your guests understand any credit card processing fees or transaction fees before they contribute. Some wedding registry websites will provide you with the option to absorb the cost, and that can feel like a good enough compromise for some of your more frugal wedding guests.

Make receiving gifts easy!

Always remember that while your cash registry may be your preference, it's always best to show gratitude and grace to your wedding guests, opting to be a part of your big day. With flexible return policies, there's really no real need to fret or micromanage your wedding registry. Check the Lovecast blog for practical tips and ideas on how to make the most of a beautiful and stress-free wedding day.

While it helps to express your desires tactfully, be prepared to accept whatever comes your way—especially since the real gift is a lifelong partnership with your favorite person.

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