Your Complete Lovecast Host Checklist

Your Complete Lovecast Host Checklist

Follow these steps to help make your special day easy and smooth

July 22, 2020

Schedule your event

Install Lovecast from the App Store/Play Store and create your event!

If you are invited to co-host a livestream, you can simply log in with your invited email.

Do a test stream

Lovecast automatically creates 2 websites for your event: a test website and a real guest website. This way, you can freely test out streaming without worrying about your “behind-the-scenes” showing up on the real guest website.

Start a test stream by finding the testing flow in the app:

Press “Streaming Test”

You can use the test stream to ensure you have a strong network connection, clear audio, and the perfect angles.

Pick a Lovecast co-host

You can optionally add a co-host to your event. Your Lovecast co-host can mange your event and even start the stream using their own phone!

Get any additional equipment

We recommend this simple tripod

No tripod
With a tripod

Ensure you’re connected and not disturbed!

A reliable internet connection is important to have a crisp and uninterrupted live stream.

We also recommend that the livestream isn’t interrupted! Make sure you phone is in do-not-disturb mode (iOS | Android).

Finally, if you’re in the sun ☀️, we recommend placing the phone in the shade. On an extra hot day, even the most advanced phones can overheat and shutdown!

Share the live stream website with your guests

Use the “Share” function in the app to send your Lovecast website by email, text, or social media to an unlimited number of guests.

No app download or login is required for your guests. Instead they can open your Lovecast website on any device!

Finally, if you have a wedding website, you can follow these instruction to link to your Lovecast website.

Happy Lovecasting!

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