Micro Wedding vs. Elopement: Here's Which to Pick and Why

A micro wedding is the love child of an elopement and a large wedding.
Micro Wedding vs. Elopement: Here's Which to Pick and Why

A micro wedding is the love child of an elopement and a large wedding

July 5, 2021

Ever since the pandemic first hit, you might be wondering how it's possible to continue wedding planning even with restrictions now quickly lifting. Micro weddings are the best compliment to our new normal.

Even if you originally had a traditional wedding day in mind, there are some benefits to a micro wedding or intimate celebration that you haven't yet had the time to consider or process. Don't worry, we got you.

Here's everything you need to know about smaller-scale wedding ceremonies like micro weddings and elopements.

What is a micro wedding?

A micro wedding may sound like something from '80s classic, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, but we promise you, they can have every bit of wedding day magic that much larger weddings can have.

A micro wedding is the love child of an elopement and a large wedding. The guest count will range anywhere from 20-50 guests. It will most likely consist of your closest family and a small group of friends. It's an intimate wedding experience that still has the elements of a big wedding concept like an officiant, wedding dress, and even the party.

The reason that many couples are opting for micro weddings with fewer guests are apparent:

  • Creativity reigns supreme—it's a modern concept, so you can throw away any "real wedding" traditions that don't work for your bridal vision.
  • Small weddings cost less, even if you plan to splurge on a wedding planner, florist, or wedding cake. With a shorter guest list, it's more affordable.
  • It makes your nuptials easier (and perhaps even faster) to plan.
  • It's easier to accommodate wedding plan changes. This may be the most crucial point with the frequently changing coronavirus restrictions. Especially if you have guests attending from other states or countries. In any case, loved ones can be there, whether in-person or via livestream with Lovecast.

A micro wedding is a forward-thinking answer for couples who wish to include their loved ones but need a more flexible plan. It doesn't have to automatically mean a DIY backyard wedding either!

If you envision your special day to include a lavish brunch at your favorite restaurant or winery instead of the typical 5-course meal in a banquet, you have carte blanche to go for it.

With the wedding industry catching up quickly with this trend, many wedding vendors now offer micro wedding packages that can mirror or potentially outdo your original big wedding dream but with added adaptability.

Is a micro wedding different from eloping?

Photo by James Owen on Unsplash

Elopements have evolved over the past five years. Originally, eloping had a specific old-world romance connotation since they were often done in secret or in a whirlwind of passion without much planning.

You can still integrate sentimental details with your date or location choice. Still, elopements provide an easy solution for couples who want no muss, no fuss planning since the ceremony details are mostly fill-in-the-blank style.

Does this sound like your style? There are heaps of wedding venues that can help you tie the knot in fewer steps than you'll take marching down the aisle.

3 main ways an elopement differs from a micro wedding

  1. An elopement allows for the smallest guest list. Typically it's just the wedding couple and two or three members of their immediate family (if that) and/or their witnesses.
  2. There is limited wedding personalization. This can be great if you get overwhelmed with decisions and just want to skip to the part where you say, "I do."
  3. It accommodates even the smallest budget. You can elope for a few hundred dollars, including the officiant and wedding venue. If you hire a friend as your officiant, it can cost even less.

The evolution of the wedding day

After a challenging year for many, the silver lining seems to be that more couples feel free to do away with the traditional extras that they never wanted in the first place.

The wedding industry pivoted to provide couples with efficient ways to make their day special with the thoughtful yet intimate affair that micro weddings offer. This wedding trend tends to be a favorite among guests too! Whether you choose to go big with your big day or dash off with your darling, include a Lovecast link in your plans. With a range of options to suit every couple's wedding day wishes and the simplest to use interface, you'll be famous for your fabulous yet seamless wedding event.

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