Your Virtual Wedding Guide: What Guests Need To Know

Your Virtual Wedding Guide: What Guests Need To Know

A virtual wedding with virtual rice toss

February 3, 2021

With the pandemic affecting hopeful couples everywhere, you’re likely thrilled to learn that your friends are taking their ceremony online and inviting you along for the ride.

Wedding livestreams allow everyone to join the celebration in real-time, at a safe distance, from the comfort of their home. It's uncharted territory for many people and it can produce a mix of excitement and nerves.

At Lovecast, we're pretty much mind readers, so here are the answers to the questions that you didn't even know that you had yet.

I've been invited to a virtual wedding, now what?

You got an email or a text message that says a "watch our wedding livestreamed on our Lovecast ." Here's what you need to know first.


When it comes to love, we don’t believe in limits. Lovecast provides the same HD streaming quality, whether there are 10 guests or 200 guests.

An added option allows you to submit your email address so that you will get notified as soon as the stream goes live.

To watch the wedding livestream there is no app download required; the event link is provided, so you won't miss a minute fumbling with logins.

To participate as a virtual wedding guest, it’s as easy as clicking the link on any device and waiting for the video to start automatically.

The gift

Gifting a couple who has included you in their big day is a thoughtful gesture that doesn't take too much effort. Don't worry about the old school rules about spending amounts.

Lovecast makes it easy with the couple's digital registry. If the couple hasn't provided a registry, choose a gift from the heart. Check out Etsy for personalized gift ideas that can be delivered quickly and within most budgets.

The dress code

For Lovecast couples, the focus will be on them and their fabulous outfits for the day. Neither your hosts nor the other guests will see you on camera. In other words, you get to wear that sloth onesie, and no one will know.

How do I prepare for the wedding livestream?

Don't treat a wedding livestream like a web conference. Get in the spirit. Whip up some mimosas and set up a functional and comfortable viewing space.


Carve out enough time in the day to be truly present for the couple.

Some couples may have recorded a pre-live message or slideshow for you. If jumping online at the last moment, you might miss this extra special touch.

Keep in mind that all wedding ceremonies (whether virtual or in-person) have the potential to run late. Don’t fret if it takes some extra time for your loved ones to get started broadcasting.

Tech checks

This might be the most important key of all. The couple will be livestreaming from the location with either a wedding planner or co-host who will handle technical concerns—it's no light responsibility.

Do your part by ensuring that your internet connection is strong, your device is charged, and that you’ve tested the speakers in advance. For a top-notch viewing experience using your TV, read this.

What's my role during the ceremony?

A few things to keep in mind as you watch your favorite people tie the knot.

Limit distractions

Of course, life happens. The beauty of Lovecast is that your distractions will not become distractions to the other guests since it is a one-way streaming service.

Lovecast provides a full HD recording, which guests will have access to after the event. If you miss a moment, you'll be able to rewatch it later.

That said, there's something really magical about your presence that can't be replaced. Let friends and family members know ahead of time that you’re busy to avoid any unnecessary interruptions during the wedding live stream.

Show your support

Wedding livestreams allow you to interact in real-time. Lovecast has built-in features to make it extra unique like:

  • A virtual rice toss that shows up on other guests’ screens
  • The guestbook where you can leave a photo message for the couple
  • A live chat where you can send encouraging words

The couple will see your messages in the days that follow their wedding and your participation makes it all the more special. Weddings are a busy day! It’s normal for the stream to start a bit late.

Troubleshoot discreetly

With technology, we can only predict so much. To reduce broadcasting issues in the chat and creating an anxiety avalanche, here are some things to try:

  • Check your video is unmuted when the sound is faint
  • Keep the co-host's information (if shared) on-hand and message them privately if needed
  • If you can't access the event page, send us a note
  • Internet issues can happen at the venue, but the video should reconnect. Even in the absolute worse case, the couple will also have a local recording that they can share later!

Wedding livestreams are here to stay

Before COVID19, there were many reasons that couples used Lovecast for virtual weddings, like when the bride and groom are from different countries, for elopements, and for guests who couldn't attend destination weddings.

We've been lucky to be a part of many intentionally created virtual ceremonies. After attending a virtual wedding as a guest, the inclusivity makes it an obvious choice for every wedding, global health crisis or not.

Since virtual weddings are growing in popularity, use this guide to give you the basics so you can kick back and enjoy the show from start to finish.

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