Welcome, Lovecast guests!

Dear guests, at Lovecast, we provide a mobile app and a website for couples to easily host their virtual weddings.

We know how excited you are to witness the special union of your friend or family, and this might be your first ever livestreamed wedding to attend.

So we prepared these FAQs to help you enjoy your remote wedding experience.

How do I watch the wedding livestream?

It is very simple! Just click open or type in the URL the couple shared with you on a computer, a phone or a tablet. That's all you need 😊. No app download or login required.

Alternatively, you can use our Find a Virtual Event tool by typing in only the event ID (e.g. "meetthejames").

The video will automatically play once the live stream starts. No app download or login required. If you prefer to watch on a TV, you can follow these instructions to set up casting to TV.

What is the event ID for my event?

An event ID is the last bit of the Lovecast URL the couple shared with you. For example, if your URL is https://loveca.st/0521YJD-U2 then the event ID is 0521YJD-U2.

Or if your URL is https://loveca.st/meetthejames, then the event ID is meetthejames.

You can enter the event ID in our Find A Virtual Event tool to join an event.

Do I need to download anything or login?

There is no need to download an app or create an account to watch our ceremony, and no one will be able to see or hear you during the stream. It's as easy as clicking the couple's link to join.

Do I need to turn on my camera or mic?

For Lovecast weddings, the focus will be on the couple and their fabulous moments throughout the day. Neither the couples nor the other guests will see you on camera. With that said, we do offer other fun ways to participate in the festivity, such as text chats, virtual rice toss (if enabled) and photo guestbook (if enabled).

I received the URL on my mobile phone but want to watch on my computer

If you have an email app installed on your mobile phone, you can forward that URL to yourself via email. Open the forwarded email on your computer, click URL, and now you can watch the wedding from the computer.

Need any assistance? We are happy to help! You can reach us via email & live chat.

I received the link on an invitation card

We all love some beautiful invitation cards! You can locate the Lovecast URL on the invitation card, type in the URL in any web browser (e.g. Chrome, Edge) or our "Find a virtual event" tool below. If you need additional assistance in locating the wedding, we are here to help via email & live chat support.

The livestream is delayed or not happening?

Weddings usually run late because of the complexity of the onsite logistics. While you wait, you can chat with other guests in the live chat window. The video will automatically appear when the livestream starts so you don’t need to refresh it.

Alternatively, you can use the “RSVP” button to receive an email/text notification when the wedding begins.

No tech stop needed for your guests

First time joining a Lovecast wedding?

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