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Go live from our mobile app to a private link. Invite unlimited guests worldwide.

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A Lovecast wedding saves money, travel, and stress – for you and your guests
Grace & Jason
lovecast 5 star user review
Our best wedding choice
Many of our International guests could not join. With Lovecast, our friends and family got to watch our ceremony LIVE and celebrate with us. Lovecast totally saved the day!
Kayla and Michael
lovecast 5 star user review
Forget about Zoom or Facebook
No login, no confusing event pages!! Our guests told us this is the best virtual wedding they've attended. I cant recommend Lovecast enough!!
Rhia & Albert
lovecast 5 star user review
More than 100 guests joined our Santorini wedding!
We have family and friends in UK, Philippines and US. So thankful that Lovecast made it possible for them to witness our big day!
Briana & Dami
lovecast 5 star user review
Bonus, you get a recording too!
I needed a virtual wedding app that was going to offer me the opportunity to re-watch the big day when the adrenaline finally left my body.
Paul and Amanda
lovecast 5 star user review
Made us feel so special
We watched the live recordings along with all the live chat left from all around the world on Lovecast. Knowing that many guests were there but just in their own homes was really special
Jessica & Dennis
lovecast 5 star user review
There is no better live streaming option for your wedding
The quality of Lovecast video is superb. There’s no choppiness in the stream, high def video quality, and the audio quality is impressive.
Samantha & Daniel
lovecast 5 star user review
Front row seats for our remote guests
Thank you Lovecast!  Both of our families loved watching from afar. Felt like they were still a part of the day ✨
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For the host

Download our app, share your virtual wedding website with guests, push a button, and go live!

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For the guests

No need to download any app or log in: simply click the couple’s virtual wedding website on any device of your choice to watch the livestream.

Are you a wedding guest?
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How It Works

Download the Lovecast app.
Our app will guide you through setting everything up.
Invite your guests.
Simply share your custom event link.
Go live with your smartphone.
This can be easily done by an onsite guest using our app.
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One click on your event link is all they need. No login or app download for them.

It's that simple!
Set up everything with our easy-to-use app

1. Create your event

Download the Lovecast app and get your unique livestream link. This is where your guests will join your wedding (with 1 click!)

2. Customize your livestream

Add a music playlist, welcome slideshows, a photo guestbook and much more.

3. Go live and say “I Do!”

On your wedding day, set your phone down on a tripod and simply press the “start live” button in the app!

Get Lovecast App

Unlike Zoom or Facebook, Lovecast is easy, fail-proof & enjoyable.

The best virtual wedding experience for your remote guests

Highest quality livestream video and audio

We know high quality isn't optional for weddings.

Lovecast uses 1080p HD video streaming and does special audio processing so that your guests can hear your wedding vows crystal clear.

No login or app download needed for your guests

Simply share your Lovecast link with your guests. One-click on your link is all they need to join. No app download or login is needed!

Live chat & virtual rice toss

Your guests can interact with your livestream using text chat, emojis and even throw virtual rice across the screen.

No.1 Wedding Livestream Platform
Live Stream Your Wedding

Easy & Reliable

Easy for you to set up

A smartphone/tablet with an internet connection is all you need.

Get our app, create an event and press the "go live" button on your wedding day. It takes less than 5 minutes to set up.

Even easier for your guests to join

One click on your Lovecast link is all they need. No app download or login is required. It's so easy that even grandparents can join without a problem.

Facebook Live mutes your wedding ceremony or first dance. We don't

If music is played during any part of your wedding, your entire livestream on Facebook or Youtube will likely be muted. That won't happen on Lovecast.

Get your wedding videos instantly

Download livestream recordings

Your recordings will be available instantly after your wedding. Many couples use Lovecast as a videographer alternative!

On-demand livestream wedding playback

Have guests in a different timezone who can't make it to your livestream? No problem. Your recordings will be up on your website for your loved ones to watch later.

See the exact reaction of your loved ones

With Chat Replay, you can fully immerse yourself and experience the best moments from your wedding exactly as they happened live.

Not a work meeting for your remote guests. It’s a real wedding

Decorate your event website with your wedding theme

Use your wedding color, upload your engagement photo and create a URL unique to you.

Welcome video, guestbook and more

Autoplay your welcome video or a personalized slideshow upon guests' arrival. Guests can sign your digital photo guestbook which can be downloaded as a keepsake.

Guest RSVP & automatic reminders for your big day

Your guests can RSVP to receive email or text reminders as your big day approaches.

We will also notify them each time you go live on your wedding day so that they won't miss a single moment!

Have Questions?

How is Lovecast different from Zoom?

Lovecast is a one-way stream with an unlimited number of guests.

This prevents interruption during your wedding celebration: with one-way streaming, guests will not accidentally take the spotlight when they unmute themselves. Most couples found streaming to a large group of remote guests this way much more stress-free.

Additionally, Zoom only allow for 360p video quality for group sizes larger than 2, whereas Lovecast uses high-quality 1080p video technology and automatically saves the recording to your event website right after the event.

What equipments do I need in order to go live?

The short answer is, you only need a smartphone with internet connection (wifi or cellular data).

To improve your video quality, we do recommend getting a simple tripod to avoid shaky hands.

As for audio, Lovecast uses state-of-art technology to capture the best quality audio directly from your phone*. So in most cases, you do not need an external microphone.

*The actual mic quality varies among phones. You can do a test stream beforehand to determine if an external mic is still needed for your phone.

Is my virtual wedding website link private?

Yes! Lovecast hides your event link from all search engines such as Google. Only your guests with the shared link will be able to access your website. (However, be aware that guests cannot be prevented from sharing the link more widely.)

Does it work internationally?

Yes! Lovecast is global and it’s accessible by guests in most countries (except for guests in China or Cuba).

In case your are curious, a Lovecast bride has shared her experience of livestreaming her wedding between Italy and Canada.

Can I start and stop the livestream multiple times?

Yes! We know there are a lot of memorable moments you want to share with your guests. We’ve had users go live when the bride and groom are getting ready, exchanging gifts, first look, ceremony, first dance, and many more. Feel free to start and stop the stream whenever you like.

Do I get a recording?

Absolutely. The recording will automatically be saved on your Lovecast website immediately after the livestream ends (available for Plus and Premium package users. View Pricing). You can watch the recording on your Lovecast website and download it to keep on your own.

Can I keep my recordings on my website for years to come?

Of course! The recordings will be on your website for a week, and you will have the option to extend the recording storage for however many years you want. Many couples have been using their Lovecast website to relive their wedding day on their anniversaries.

Can I test the livestream before the event?

Sure thing! When you schedule an event in our app, Lovecast automatically creates two websites for you: a guest website and a test website.

The test website is the site you will be using while testing your livestream. This will help you see the quality of the livestream and ensure you capture all angles. It’s a neat way to help you work out setting up your stream.

The guest website is the site you will be sharing with your guests to view your event on the day of your wedding.

Couple with their virtual wedding guests

"Lovecast brought hundreds of people from all around the world together to witness our wedding ceremony! Incredible experience!"

- Tom & Lucia, married in Buenos Aires, Argentina