A Simple, High-Quality Livestream for Your Wedding

Go live from your smartphone. Invite unlimited guests worldwide via a private link!

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Invite everyone you love to your wedding, wherever they are

Guests can experience your wedding in real-time, with a view better than the front row.

1. Create your event

Download the Lovecast app, enter your date and get your unique livestream website

2. Invite guests

Share your wedding streaming website to your guests. One click is all they need to join your wedding.

3. Go live and say “I Do!”

Simply press the “start” button in the app. Enjoy recordings and instant playbacks afterward.

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For the host

Download our app, share your virtual wedding website with guests, push a button, and go live!

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For the guests

No need to download any app or log in: simply click the couple’s virtual wedding website on any device of your choice to watch the livestream.

Are you a wedding guest?
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Trusted by over 10,000 couples just like you

Lovecast Features


HD streaming directly from your phone camera

Broadcast with the highest quality audio and video. Guests can watch on any device, including a big-screen TV!

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virtual guest book

More than just a wedding livestream

Delight your guests with a variety of features such as a photo guestbook, registry, and virtual rice toss. Customize to make it special.


Get your recordings instantly

Relive your memories forever with livestream recordings, a printable copy of your digital photo guestbook, and lots of live chat messages from your guests.

virtual guest book
Grandparents watching the wedding live stream on computer

No app download or login needed for your guests

Treat your guests with one-click access, automatic notifications, and engaging live chats.

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"Lovecast brought hundreds of people from all around the world together to join our ceremony! Incredible experience!"

- Tom & Lucia, married in Buenos Aires, Argentina

How is Lovecast different from Zoom?

Lovecast is a one-way stream with an unlimited number of guests.

This prevents interruption during your wedding celebration: with one-way streaming, guests will not accidentally take the spotlight when they unmute themselves. Your guests will still be able to join the live chat to interact with other guests via text. Most couples found streaming to a large group of remote guests this way much more stress-free.

Additionally, Zoom only allow for 360p video quality for group sizes larger than 2, whereas Lovecast uses high-quality 1080p livestreaming technology and automatically saves the recording to your event website and directly onto your phone.

What equipments do I need in order to go live?

The short answer is, you only need a smartphone with internet connection.

To improve your video quality, we do recommend getting a simple tripod to avoid shaky hands.

As for audio, Lovecast uses state-of-art technology to capture the best quality audio directly from your phone*. So in most cases, you do not need an external microphone.

*The actual mic quality varies among phones. You can do a test stream beforehand to determine if an external mic is still needed for your phone.

Is my virtual wedding website link private?

Yes! Lovecast hides your event link from all search engines such as Google. Only your guests with the shared link will be able to access your website. (However, be aware that guests cannot be prevented from sharing the link more widely.)

Does it work internationally?

Yes! Lovecast is global and it’s accessible by guests in any country

In case your are curious, a Lovecast bride has shared her experience of livestreaming her wedding between Italy and Canada.

Can I start and stop the livestream multiple times?

Absolutely! We know there are a lot of memorable moments you want to share with your guests. We’ve had users go live when the bride and groom are getting ready, exchanging gifts, first look, ceremony, first dance, and many more. Feel free to start and stop the stream whenever you like.

Do I get a recording?

Yes! The stream will automatically be saved on your event website* and on your local device. Both recordings are immediately available after the livestream ends.

*We keep the recordings on your event website for up to a year.

Can I test the livestream before the event?

Sure thing! When you schedule an event in our app, Lovecast automatically creates two websites for you: a guest website and a test website.

The test website is the site you will be using while testing your livestream. This will help you see the quality of the livestream and ensure you capture all angles. It’s a neat way to help you work out setting up your stream.

The guest website is the site you will be sharing with your guests to view your event on the day of your wedding.