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At Lovecast, we make attending a wedding virtually as enjoyable as in-person. ❤️

Lovecast is a platform for hosting delightful virtual/hybrid weddings. We help couples expand their wedding venue from one location to anywhere in the world with our high-quality livestream, easy-to-use host app, and interactive features such as live chat, guestbook, and virtual rice toss.

Founders Story

Lovecast was created for couples, by a couple.
lovecast was created by a couple, for couples

Our founders Neil and Jinjing were from different parts of the world and met when they attended the same college. The two soon fell in love, and after a few years of dating, Neil popped the question.

As they happily started their wedding planning, they face a significant challenge: their friends and families live in different parts of the US or even different parts of the world. In the end, many of the guests, including their beloved grandparents, were unable to join their wedding in person.
They looked hard for a solution for their loved ones to still celebrate with them despite not physically being there. It turned out there wasn’t anything that worked. The existing streaming options were all too complex (for both them and their guests).

This experience inspired Neil and Jinjing to create a platform that makes it easy for future couples to stream their weddings to their guests, and to make remote guests feel they are part of the celebration wherever they are.

Our Team

The Lovecast team is made of seasoned engineers who previously worked at companies such as Google, Uber. Our team has decades of experience in building scalable and reliable platforms. Our team also includes experienced event planning professionals who help turn fail-proof livestreaming logistics guides into product features.

Our Mission  

At Lovecast, we make attending a wedding virtually as enjoyable as in-person.  Life happens, and we understand that some of your guests may not be able to make it to your wedding in person. Unlike any other existing virtual wedding solutions out there, Lovecast is super simple, truly enjoyable, and works for all budgets.

Super Simple

Lovecast is simple for you: plan everything in our app and press a button to go live on the wedding day.

Lovecast is simple for your guests: one click is all they need to join your wedding. They can watch it on any device, including their living room TV!

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Truly Enjoyable

1080P video, live chat, digital guestbook, virtual rice toss, and automatic notifications, we have everything built to provide the best experience for your guests.

Are you ready to invite all your guests to your wedding?

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wedding live stream during coronavirus

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