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Lovecast is here to connect you with your remote guests through our high quality livestream, easy-to-use host app, and a beautiful guest website made just for you.

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HD Streaming
90 Minutes
24 Hours
Number of Viewers
Automatically Saved Recording
Guest RSVP
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Automatic Guest Notification
Email + Text Message
Customized Cover Photo
Customized Website URL
Digital Photo Guestbook
Guest Virtual Rice Toss
Upload Welcome Video/ Slideshow
Gift Registry Link

“Absolutely amazing. My family couldn't attend our wedding due to Covid-19 restrictions and we used Lovecast to broadcast the wedding. The quality of the video was excellent and guests get to participate in the virtual rice toss. ”
- Jen

virtual wedding ceremony


How do I enter a promo code in the app?

Promo codes are only supported in online checkout. You can use for checking out with a promo code.

Can I check out on the web as opposed to in the app?

Absolutely! We support both in-app purchase and web check out. To check out on the web, go to and proceed with your credit card.

Does my guest need to download the app?

They don't need to. Your guest can simply open your private event website and watch your live wedding there. No app download or login needed.

Can I watch my livestream after my wedding ends?

Absolutely! Your recordings are automatically saved both to your event website and on the livestream phone.

Can I start and stop the livestream multiple times?

Yes! You can start and stop however many times you need. And the time in between does not count towards your total livestream time. Bonus: everytime you go live, your guests will receive an automatic notification so that they won't miss any special moment (e.g., your cake cutting).

What if my Internet is not good or I don't like the camera angle / sound quality?

We always recommend you test out the Internet at the wedding site beforehand (you can easily start a test stream in the app and watch it on the test website). If you purchased a premium package, and are unsatisfied with the streaming on your special day, we will always refund your purchase!

Does Lovecast work for international guests?

Yes! Lovecast is global and it’s accessible by the host and guests.In case your are curious, a Lovecast bride has shared her experience of livestreaming her wedding between Italy and Canada.