Is creating a wedding website really worth it?

Is creating a wedding website really worth it?

August 3, 2021

Today, wedding websites are a must-have in the wedding planning process. But are they really worth the hassle?

And if they are, how do you know which wedding website to use?

There are so many options and features to look through, like a wedding website RSVP and registry.

This post will walk you through what to consider when looking at wedding website comparisons. It’s important to find the best wedding websites to fit your needs!

Creating a wedding website – should you do it?

Your wedding day is all about you, but let’s face it – organizing all of your guests and information is super important. Wedding websites have some huge benefits for both the couple and the guests. Because each website platform is unique, you’ll need to do research to determine which one is perfect for you.

But overall, here are some of the awesome benefits of a wedding website for couples and guests. 

The benefits of a wedding website for couples

  • Most wedding websites are free! And even the ones that cost a little are well worth the stress you’re saving yourself during planning. The best wedding websites allow you to easily track your guest list, registry, RSVPs, vendor information, and so much more! This will allow you to put your mind at ease and truly enjoy the planning process. 
  • You can set up a wedding website RSVP to easily track who can attend. On your wedding website, guests can quickly accept or decline your invitation with the click of a few buttons. If all (or most) of your guests are internet-savvy, having an online-only RSVP can also save you money in return postage and supplies! 
  • Easily communicate all the information needed - including any last minute changes to ceremony time, venue, or weather. If there’s anything 2020 taught us, it was the need to be flexible! This eliminates the need to send mass-texts or respond to a dozen phone calls on your special day. 
  • Add custom pages like an “our story” page to document your journey and share it with your guests. This is a fun way for your guests to get excited about your event. Plus it will give you more room to share those swoon-worthy engagement pictures!  
Joy guest app

The benefits of a wedding website for guests 

Guests can easily find all the information they need in one place. This includes:

  • Venue information
  • Registry
  • Accommodations
  • Directions
  • Suggestions for nearby restaurants and shopping
  • Vendor information
  • Your wedding hashtag, 

And anything else you want to include! The options are endless. 

  • Give your guests a chance to get to know important parties better. Wedding party bios are huge right now! You can create an “about” page on your wedding website with bios for important wedding party members! Include how you met, share funny memories, and introduce your crew to your guests before your wedding day.
  • Creating a wedding website gives you the opportunity to set expectations (and boundaries) with your guests. Here, they can find answers to all of your questions and you can avoid having to tell people basic information while you’re trying to get ready to walk down the aisle. You can even include an FAQ section on your website to make things super easy for your guests.

If you’re looking for inspiration, you can find tips and examples for creating a wedding website all over the internet. Visit our gallery to see a sample of our virtual wedding websites, where guests can watch the live stream of your wedding day! 

Creating a wedding website based on your personal needs 

If using your wedding website becomes more trouble than it’s worth, it can waste your time. Deciding which wedding website to use is super important. Overall, you’ll want to find a website that works well on the back end and is easy for both you and your guests to use. 

Aside from these, there are other factors to consider. The most popular wedding websites include The Knot and WeddingWire, but there are so many other options as well. Consult this list of the best wedding websites, categorized by your personal priority.

For Great Registries 

Zola - Zola’s registry services include easy exchanges, free shipping and returns, and even a 20% discount post-wedding! 

Blueprint - This website effortlessly combines multiple stores into one seamless registry that is user-friendly. 

HoneyFund - Honeyfund is a cash-based site great for couples looking to fund their honeymoon, buy a home, and any other financial goal you can think of! 

Zankyou - Zankyou has a large selection of registry gift ideas, and this website is perfect for couples dealing with multiple currencies.

Zankyou wedding website

For the DIY Couple

Squarespace - Squarespace has a large variety of beautiful, modern designs and is user-friendly. 

Wix - This website-builder has more diversity in their designs, including modern, whimsical, and classic aesthetics. 

WordPress - WordPress can easily accommodate any couple, and there are many plugins available for a more customized experience. 

For Lovers of Luxury 

Riley & Grey is a luxury wedding website platform perfect for the couple who is willing to spend a little extra for a website tailored to them. 

Riley Grey wedding website

Wedding website comparisons: how do you decide which wedding website to use?

Will you be live streaming your wedding for guests who cannot attend? This is an important factor to consider when creating a wedding website. Many of the websites mentioned above only allow you to embed a video player rather than streaming directly from the site. From here, you’ll need a third-party platform such as Zoom or Youtube to be able to stream your event. 

Our Lovecast app is designed to work seamlessly alongside your wedding website. With Lovecast, you have the ability to stream right from your unique Lovecast site. This eliminates the need for third-party platforms, creating an easy and seamless experience for both you and your guests. Plus, it’s super easy to add your livestream wedding link to your wedding website! 

There are a lot of factors to consider when deciding which wedding website to use. But there is no doubt that creating a wedding website will help limit your stress during planning. Visit our website to learn more about how Lovecast can make your wedding experience even easier! 

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