Your Destination Wedding: A 2022 Guide for Your Big Day

Your Destination Wedding: A 2022 Guide for Your Big Day

May 27, 2021

If you've been patiently waiting for your chance to start wedding planning, it can be hard to know the safety status since the situation changes so quickly. This year it seems hopeful brides and grooms everywhere are one step closer to achieving their special day.

While some factors may be affected by the current state of affairs, like the shorter guest lists, some unexpected perks go hand in hand with the changes like lower wedding costs.

To ease the burden a bit, we've created a mini-guide to help you understand whether your wedding ideas are pandemic-friendly.

Whether you were considering a destination wedding pre-COVID19 or your newly shortened list of wedding guests are not-so-subtly suggesting their desire for a getaway, we've got you covered.

Bask in A Beach Wedding

Beach weddings are a popular choice for destination weddings.

Here are just a few reasons couples opt for an all-inclusive beach wedding:

  • Most all-inclusive beach resorts host weddings regularly, so they have everything you need ready to go.
  • Wedding packages often feature a sliding scale that can suit the wedding day budget.
  • You can bring Lovecast along to capture the day no matter where the destination wedding takes place—all you need is a smartphone and internet connection.
  • The Caribbean can make for a magical wedding venue with its crystal blue waters and sandy beaches— the picture-perfect wedding Livestream backdrop.
  • A COVID-friendly benefit to planning your wedding day on the beach is that the wedding ceremony will be outdoors
  • Beach weddings make it a little easier to pick the wedding dress since it suits a more no-frills style

Beach Destination Wedding Location Ideas

If you have your dream destination wedding on a beach, here are a few options to consider.

Mexico: Whether it's Cabo or Cancun, Mexico has made itself an attractive option with its somewhat relaxed travel restrictions and budget-friendly wedding venue options. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. COVID safety fluctuates between states, so keep updated on the latest information.

Bahamas: A short 35-minute plane ride away from Florida, this destination has activities to satisfy every guest, from sunbathing to scuba diving.  Since June to November is Hurricane season, you can plan the perfect destination wedding to give everyone a sunny something to look forward to this winter.

Wedding Weekend Getaways

Keep in mind that not every destination wedding requires an all-inclusive package and pricey flight. You can look at options at a drivable distance and still have a fairy tale wedding.

A closer destination may provide peace of mind knowing that there's more flexibility with travel and last-minute restriction changes.

California: California allows wedding ceremonies to continue but strongly discourages indoor services. Receptions are permitted, but there are some country-specific notices worth noting.

New York City: New York City is the dream for a lot of couples and even celebrities. With some of the most impressive wedding venues available, it's a big draw. Review NYC's Food Services document before planning the reception, so you know what's allowed.

Florida: Florida has the ideal weather setup for your destination wedding but currently limiting in-person gatherings to 10. If you're open to an intimate wedding party size, it could be a great way to get the best of both worlds with a flexible US beach wedding.

Hot Tips For Every Destination Wedding

In addition to all the standard bureaucratic research, here's a few checklist items that can help ensure you have a great experience, no matter where you choose to tie the knot.

  • Instead of a rehearsal dinner the night before, consider doing a local in-person happy hour event for anyone who can't join you abroad on the day
  • Use Lovecast or websites like Paperless Post to send out virtual save the dates. Since it doesn't require snail mail, you can get an idea of who is interested in attending in person versus virtually quicker.
  • If you're going all-inclusive, ask whether an onsite officiant is in the package; this can save you time and money down the line.
  • Consider a wedding website to keep guests updated in real-time with any changes; this avoids the hassle of manually sending updates via email or phone.

Your Destination Wedding Plan

The most crucial detail to keep in mind during this period is staying adaptable and expecting changes to the plan. If there is a particular detail that's extra important to you, have a plan B in the wings—this goes from your chosen officiant to your Lovecast Livestream device.

For everything else, remind yourself that the essential part of your big day is that you'll be spending your forever with the right person—the rest is merely the icing on the wedding cake.

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