10 Must Have Items For Every Bride on Their Wedding Day

Regardless of what everyone might be telling you, your wedding day is supposed to be a stress free, fun-filled party!
10 Must Have Items For Every Bride on Their Wedding Day

10 Must Have Items For Every Bride on Their Wedding Day

March 2, 2022

We’ve taken some time to think about what would help you as a bride, get closer to having that relaxed, dream wedding day. These are the top 10 things, with everything from a tide pen to an outfit change, that’s a must-have for your wedding day!

  1. After Party Jumpsuit 

Ditch the wedding dress and let loose for your after party! With the glitz and glam of wedding looks, outfits for later in the day often become an afterthought.

Make sure you’re comfortable, yet stunning in a sparkly jumpsuit. Great for the dance floor, and you can even use the bathroom by yourself! 

Alessandra Sequin Embellished Jumpsuit

  1. Flat Wedding Sandals

Complete your after party look with stunning, comfortable flats! 

  1. Flash-proof cups

Ensure maximum comfort with flesh colored breast pasties! Pack a few different types and cuts and ensure your maid of honor keeps an extra pair on her throughout the day!

  1. Travel Toothbrush 

No refreshment routine is ever complete without brushing your teeth. Mouthwash and gum just don’t compare to the fresh, renewed feeling of being able to brush your teeth.

  1. Extra Earring Butterfly Backs

No outfit is complete without a beautiful set of earrings to match! Ensure a complete outfit from start to finish on your wedding day with extra earring backs!

  1. Pre-packed Lunch

On days as busy as your wedding day will be, platters and finger sandwiches just don’t do the trick. We recommended a full chicken Caesar salad to ensure you are full, but not bloated while getting married!

  1. A Great Playlist for the Bridal Suite

Lovecast has you covered with our Top 50 wedding songs for 2022! 

  1. Tide Pen

One drop of red wine or accidental dessert mess can easily become your worst enemy on your wedding day! Have a tide pen on hand for a quick and easy fix.

  1. Portable Phone Charger 

Keep your phone charged to capture every moment from your point of view on your wedding day! 

  1. Lovecast livestream!

Make your special day even better by sharing it with all your loved ones, not matter how far or wide!

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