10 Unique Engagement Ring Designs in 2022

We all have those days where we spend hours upon hours scrolling through Pinterest, finding our soon to be perfect engagement ring! With so many cuts, colors and combinations to choose from, finding something you truly love enough to wear for the rest of your life can be a difficult task!
10 Unique Engagement Ring Designs in 2022

10 Unique Engagement Ring Designs in 2022

March 2, 2022

This article compiles our top 10 favorite unique engagement bands for the more alternative and colorful bride! 

  1. Blue Sapphire With 18k Gold Band

Color is making a comeback in 2022! This deep blue sapphire ring is every modern bride's dream.

  1. Pear Shaped Yellow Gold Solitaire 

Sleek, stylish and timeless. This pear shaped gold solitaire is the perfect balance between unique and traditional! 

  1. Kite Shaped Black Diamond 

For the bride who loves everything but white! 

  1. Baguette Diamond Cluster Ring 

A baguette cluster never gets old! These different cuts and sizes beautifully blend together on a gold band.

  1. Ruby With White Diamond 

This deep red color truly is a show stopper!

  1. Illusion Triangular Rose Cut in 14k Rose Gold 

A clean yet unique shape offered by this triangular cut ring!

  1. Antique Cut With Pearl Detailing 

With a teardrop diamond ring surrounded by pearl detailing, this ring is stunning at every angle!

  1. Lavender Ring with Gold Diamond Leaf Band 

Serenity, grace, and calmness. This leafy band showcases a romantic lavender sapphire stone.

  1. Rose Gold Marquise Cut 

Elegance at its finest, this marquise cut is so classically beautiful! 

  1. Three Stone Raw Emerald In 18k Gold 

We’ve saved the best for last. With a raw but ring, your beautiful rock will quite literally be the only shape in existence! This three stone raw emerald is our favorite!

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