12 Rustic Wedding Cake Ideas

Your wedding cake is one of the centerpieces of your big day! Ensure your cake perfectly suits your theme with one of these 12 ideas. 
12 Rustic Wedding Cake Ideas

12 Rustic Wedding Cake Ideas

April 4, 2022
  1. Textured Classic with a Green Backdrop

Keep your wedding traditional yet emerged in nature with this great backdrop and white cake!

  1. Simple Pastel Accents

Pastels are great accents for any autumn or spring weddings! 

  1. Deep and Dark

Step outside the box with this black and maroon cake! Each tier offers something different with glitter, ombre coloring and gold accents! 

  1. Solid Neutral Color

A unique take on the classic all white wedding cake!

  1. Dusted Glitter and Glam 

Keep it light and fresh with a dusted sparkly wedding cake in the color of your choice!

  1. Layered Icing in Classic White

This unique layered icing design is great for any rustic wedding! Paired with the differently sized flowers, and cake topper, this might just be the cake for you! 

  1. Gold & Dried Fruit

Who doesn’t love a little bit of gold!

  1. Traditional Micro Wedding Cake

For the more traditional bride with a smaller wedding guestlist, we recommend this lovely two tiered cake 

  1. Semi-Naked Deep Neutral Tones

These brown flower designs are out of this world! 

  1. Crepe Cake

Step outside the box with a fun crepe cake!

  1. Single Tier Stunner 

Keep it simple with a single tier cake, topped with a stunning flower arrangement! 

  1. Classic Colors With a Pop

Finally, add that pop of color and extra bit of texture to your cake for your big day!

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