15 Wedding Nail Ideas For Brides

Complete your wedding day look with a stunning set of nails! Here are our top 15 picks of wedding day manicures!
15 Wedding Nail Ideas For Brides

15 Wedding Nail Ideas For Brides

February 10, 2022

With all the planning and choices to be made that comes with getting married, we understand how even the smallest decisions can begin to feel overwhelming. 

A beautiful manicure is one of those small details that will complete your wedding day look. That’s why we’ve compiled 15 stunning wedding nail ideas for every type of bride!

  1. Classic French Tips

This classic, clean look is sure to suit any reception or ceremony look you have planned. You cannot go wrong with French tips! 

  1. Simple Short White Nails

Keep your look simple, yet full with a short white set. With any shade of white from pearl white to almond white, adding that oval nail shape is what gives this set an extra bit of elegance! 

  1. Glittery Dream 

Have a sprinkle of glitter in your wedding gown? Do a light glittery dream set to complement your dress and ring! 

  1. Golden Girl 

We love this striking nail set featuring gold leaf sheets. This is the perfect set to match your wedding day jewelry. 

  1. A Touch Of Rhinestone 

Rhinestones are a fun way to accentuate your wedding gown, while creating a stunning and versatile design to wear for weeks after your wedding day!

  1. Partially Black

For the bride with dark hair, a black wedding shoe or even a black wedding gown! This design is the perfect blend of neutral and black to balance out every tone in your wedding day look.

  1. French Tips With a Fun Twist

Looking for something more trendy, but still suitable for your big day? These French tips with a fun twist are one of our favorite looks, perfect for any wedding theme! 

  1. Match Your Bridal Bouquet 

One of the more unique, detailed looks on this list… matching your bridal bouquet. Beautiful for pictures and a look you are sure to not see on many other brides. If you’re looking for something out of the box, we would recommend this look for you! 

  1. Short and Pearly 

This set is stunning to match any pearls in your jewerly, hair or shoes!

  1. Long and Fierce 

Shorter nail sets not quite your style? Go for something longer with nude undertones to keep the look light, and not distracting from your wedding gown! 

  1. Marble Undercoat With a Feathery Pattern

The perfect look for a winter wedding! 

  1. Neat In Nude 

Let's go back to basics with a neat, nude nail set. If you are looking for a set that will not distract from your wedding gown to bridal bouquet, this is perfect for you. 

  1. Soft Pink and Silver to Match the Ring 

We love this fun sparkly set. This set is great for giving your new wedding ring an extra pop!

  1. Stiletto Cut to Match Your Shoes 

Do you have a stiletto shoe ready for your big day? Round off your fierce look with a sharp stiletto cut nail set! 

  1. Intricate Flower Detailing With Bronze Contrast 

The final nail design on this list is an all encompassing look, with a few nails having a simple design, and two with a stand out detailed flower pattern! The perfect balance to match any wedding theme! 

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