5 Major Reasons Why You Should Livestream Your Wedding

5 Major Reasons Why You Should Livestream Your Wedding

February 26, 2021

As you plan your wedding day, you’ll notice one unfortunate part of preparing for it -- more than likely a handful of loved ones won’t be able to make it to the celebration.

In fact, according to The Knot, around 15% of your invited guests will probably RSVP “No” or cancel last minute. And if you’re having a destination wedding? That number bumps up to 20-30%. Often it’s because they’re ill,  they live far away and are unable to travel, or their schedule just doesn’t line up with your wedding date.  And those few things are exacerbated thanks to the current COVID-19 pandemic we’re living through.

But, don’t worry! It’s not all doom and gloom because we’ve got the perfect solution for you.  Here, we’re talking more about why livestreaming your wedding is one of the best decisions you can make when it comes to preparing for your wedding day!

Okay, but what does livestreaming your wedding mean?

Livestreaming your wedding ceremony and even your reception is a perfect solution to make sure your loved ones are still able to celebrate with you, even if they’re miles away. It’s relatively inexpensive, it’s simple to do, and it allows all of your guests to participate in your big day.

How, you might ask?

You may have heard of certain platforms like Zoom, Facebook Live, or YouTube Live. Platforms like Zoom work great if you’re trying to set up a business meeting. But your wedding is not a business meeting -- so a Zoom wedding can actually be clunky and somewhat difficult to manage on your wedding day.

But, Lovecast is an app that is designed specifically with your wedding day in mind. Similar to those platforms, Lovecast still lets you livestream your wedding -- it just takes that clunkiness (and the awkwardness of reminding your guests to mute themselves) out, and actually enhances your celebration!

Lovecast offers so many benefits like a customizable streaming website, so your guests can watch you tie the knot on any device they have (even their TV!), and unlimited guest count, so you don’t have to pick and choose who gets to watch, and even a live chat and virtual rice toss for all your guests. They’ll feel like they actually get to celebrate with you!

And, instead of relying on sharing edited video clips and photographs of your big day (that show up three months later) with your guests who couldn’t make it, your guests can enjoy live recordings of your wedding ceremony and reception on the day of! Yep, the livestream video of your wedding day is immediately available for you! Plus, they’re saved in two places -- right on your phone and on your Lovecast website.

Why should you livestream your wedding?

We’ve talked about what livestreaming your wedding means. So, let’s chat about why you should livestream your wedding!

Whether you’re having a destination wedding, you’re opting for an intimate elopement, or you want to give an option for those whose schedules don’t match up, there are plenty of reasons why you should livestream your wedding!

Reason No.1 - You’re having a destination wedding.  

If you plan on having a destination wedding on a far-off island (hello, Hawaii!), consider livestreaming your wedding ceremony.

A destination wedding will be an amazing experience for you and your fiance. But that means some guests might not be able to make it.

A destination wedding means guests have to contend with travel costs, lodging, food, and everything in between. There’s a chance that some guests may miss out on your tying the knot. Like we mentioned earlier, you can estimate that 20-30% of your invited guests will RSVP “No” if you’re planning on getting married further away from home.

But don’t second guess your decision for a destination wedding if some of your invited guests can’t make it!

Enjoy your day and relax knowing that your guests will be able to celebrate with you, even if it’s from the comfort of their own home.

Reason No.2 -  You’re opting for an intimate elopement.

Just a few years ago, eloping had a completely different meaning than what it means now. It used to mean that you were donning your best dress and heading to the courthouse for a quick and easy marriage ceremony without friends or family to celebrate with you.

But like most things in 2020, the idea of elopement has evolved.  Now, an intimate elopement doesn’t necessarily mean you’re opting out of a ceremony with guests altogether. Instead, you might choose to elope if you had to postpone your wedding ceremony indefinitely.

Whatever you’re reasoning for eloping, don’t feel pigeonholed by the term. If you’re wanting to have guests but can’t figure out a way to include them, don’t worry. Livestreaming your wedding is the perfect alternative!

When you livestream your elopement, you’ll still be able to celebrate with friends and family. They’ll get to watch your ceremony and interact (like with our virtual rice toss!) as if they were there in person.

Reason No.3 - Livestream your wedding for a unique video of the wedding ceremony.

Sure, you’ll have your wedding photographer and maybe a videographer to capture some of the day’s fabulous moments.

But if you’re looking for an entire video of your ceremony right on your phone, you’ll want to make sure you livestream your wedding ceremony with Lovecast.

Unlike other tools like Zoom, Lovecast App automatically saves the recorded video of your celebration right to your phone. You’ll be able to re-watch the most beautiful part of your wedding day over and over, no matter where you are.

And if you’re wanting to see a replay of your ceremony livestream on a bigger screen, no worries, we’ve got you covered. Lovecast App also auto-saves your recorded wedding ceremony video right onto your Lovecast website. All you have to do is head there to re-watch it from your computer!

Reason No.4  - Your venue won’t fit everyone.

Maybe you’re getting married at a small, sentimental church venue. Or maybe your budget just didn’t allow for a grand ballroom. Either way, if your venue doesn’t fit every single person you want to invite, livestreaming your wedding day is a great option!

Invite as many guests as you want with a platform designated specifically for weddings. Those kinds of platforms believe there shouldn’t be a limit on the number of people who can join your livestream wedding celebration!

Reason No.5 - Livestream your wedding day for those whose schedules don’t match up.

If some of your loved ones can’t make it to your wedding celebration because of conflicting schedules, you can bring your wedding ceremony right to them.

Give them the chance to watch from virtually anywhere by streaming your wedding ceremony.

Even better, you can choose certain livestreaming platforms to make sure your guests can participate in your wedding day.

Lovecast App lets your virtual wedding guests interact with you on your big day without causing distractions or taking away from your spotlight.

Your guests can participate in a virtual rice toss to celebrate right alongside you as if they were there! They can even upload a picture of themselves and sign a digital wedding day guestbook. And, they have the option to purchase a gift from your wedding registry straight from the Lovecast App.

Your virtual guests will love feeling like they’re actually getting to celebrate with you, even if they’re celebrating from afar.

There are plenty of reasons why you should livestream your wedding ceremony. And, while there are several different ways to do that, we recommend using a platform that caters specifically to weddings!

Platforms just like Lovecast App were designed with brides and grooms in mind. With our virtual rice toss, virtual guestbook, and even the ability to purchase from your registry right from your Lovecast website, Lovecast was made to make your wedding day a celebration, even for your guests who can’t be there in person!

No matter the reason for guests unable to be there in person, we believe livestreaming your wedding day is one of the best decisions you can make!

Ready to set up livestreaming for your wedding? Click here for step by step instructions on how to do it!

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