A Glamorous Oceanfront Destination Wedding in Greece

"Our family and friends across the world were able to join our Santorini wedding because of Lovecast. "
A Glamorous Oceanfront Destination Wedding in Greece

A Glamorous Oceanfront Destination Wedding in Greece

October 24, 2021

Rhia Fernandez and Albert Celso connected through Albert's daughter!

After both being in previous marriages that failed, Albert and Rhia became best friends during difficult times when Albert's daughter comes to Rhia for comfort, company and educational support.

Their wedding, through Rhia's own words:

The wedding was supposedly 3 October 2020 but due to COVID-19 It was moved to 14 August 2021 in mid 1 week before the original date.

Due to the uncertainties this year, travel restrictions and additional travel requirements we weren’t sure if we should go ahead or delay it again for next year.

We decided to go ahead without our family, friends and the entourage. We didn't want to leave them with the stress and trouble of travelling during global pandemic (we live in UK and the wedding is Santorini, Greece)!

So we told them we are going ahead, and they should not feel bad if they can’t join us, we are taking that burden off their shoulders.

I said I will definitely find out how we can celebrate it with across the miles then we found about Lovecast!! So we eloped, and it was brilliant, it was a beautiful day… an intimate wedding. So many of our family and friends across the world who were able to join us because of Lovecast!

For that we are really grateful for your creation. I didn’t want to broadcast is live on Facebook because I wanted to share the moment at first to the people who are close to us and we were able to do that through Lovecast!

Find out more about Rhia and Albert through their wedding website: https://app.ewedding.com/rhiaandalbert

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