A “Hinge to Hitched” DIY Wedding

A “Hinge to Hitched” DIY Wedding

A “Hinge to Hitched” DIY Wedding

September 21, 2021

Who said dating apps never work? For Fayth and Caleb, HINGE was the start of their forever. Now, they share their beautiful wedding story with us. Who knows, they might just restore your "Fayth" in dating apps!

Here is their magical love story, shared by the Fayth:

Caleb and I actually met on a dating app called HINGE, so our hashtag was #hingetohitched. It was really neat how our paths even crossed on the app because my location was set at a proximity that would have never allowed the app to match me to his. 

However, one day I just so happened to go to Temecula for a friend's birthday and randomly changed my location while I was there; and that's how we matched! Our day was special because 90% of everything was DIY! We were balling on a budget but I have a big and bold vision so we found a way to get creative and it was absolutely gorgeous. 

I lost my father when I was 21, so I honored him in different ways throughout the ceremony and reception such as a memorial table, saved him a seat up front and had my bridesmaids drop off a single white rose on their way down the aisle. It was also amazing because it was pouring rain the night before, and the night of. But during our ceremony the clouds completely parted and rays of sunshine were shining down on us. 

Lastly, my bridesmaids surprised me with the performance of a lifetime to moulin rouge during the ceremony and it was iconic! We still have people telling us it was the most beautiful fun wedding they've ever been to, and I have to say I agree.

It was absolutely perfect! 

Fayth and Caleb chose Lovecast because a lot of their friends and family were unable to attend due to COVID-19. They we wanted to make sure that their family and friends had a way to still be a part of it! Lovecast is honored to have been part of their beautiful wedding day!

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