A Modern Day Fairytale Disney Wedding

Disney is definitely the place to go for a fairytale wedding.
A Modern Day Fairytale Disney Wedding

A Modern Day Fairytale Disney Wedding

December 3, 2021

Faith and Austin got married at the Disney Wedding pavilion and had their reception at the grove resort. It was absolutely a fairytale!

Faith tells us about her special day

My parents and my new husband made everything perfect! It could’ve have gone smoother! One of the most perfect moments was when the doors of the pavilion swung open and my husband broke into tears, everyone melted away it felt like it was just us two and it was perfect.

Half way through the night it was coming time for our photographers and videographers to leave. Everyone went outside to set up for the staged exit except for us.

The DJ put on the song I walked down the aisle too and we had a moment to just dance and be together all by ourselves! I’m so happy we did because that moment was so incredibly special!

Our day was nothing short of perfect and we’re incredibly lucky for all the love and support and help that went into making sure of that.

Why did Faith and Harvey choose Lovecast?

Due to travel restrictions half of our guests could not come since I (the bride) am Canadian that moved to the US because of my father’s business. Most of my family and friends are still in Canada, so I knew I needed a good livestreaming option.

Facebook wasn’t it because it’d mute the whole video when it heard any kind of music. I discovered Lovecast and I knew immediately it was the best option!

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