A Snowstorm Turned to a Winter Wonderland Wedding Day

After reading their story, and seeing these amazing pictures, you might want to be a winter bride or groom too!
A Snowstorm Turned to a Winter Wonderland Wedding Day

A Snow Storm Turned Winter Wonderland Wedding Day

October 6, 2021

Dani and Parker had a magical wedding in the snow on 13 March 2021. They met at the University of Missouri and now live in Dallas, Texas. 

Their special day ended up being the day of the 4th biggest snowstorm in Denver history! Over 2 feet of snow fell, and it fell fast! 

Here’s what Dani had to say about their amazing day

With Parker’s family in various places in Texas and Dani’s in Kansas City, Missouri and Canada, we always wanted a destination wedding to have something different and unique. We love the beach, but the mountains really called us. 

We found Della Terra online and when we traveled to see it in person we fell in love. The day we visited was snowy and we decided we wanted a winter wedding.... little did we know just how much snow was in store for our day. We picked our date long before the pandemic hit and (although we thought about it a lot) never changed it - March 13th felt right for our wedding. 

The week of our wedding we flew up to Colorado from Texas and immediately heard people talking about the big snow storm that was coming later that week. We tried to stay positive that it would come after our wedding and maybe we’d get the snowy wedding we were hoping for. 

March 13th 2021 ended up being the 4th biggest snowstorm in Denver history. The Denver airport was closed Sunday and all of our guests got stuck for an extra night in Denver, including us. But you know what? 

No one cared. 

We were all still beaming and glowing after the most perfect, unique wedding. Sure it was cold, but it was beautiful and magical. My dress was soaking wet after the ceremony (it had to be taken off and dried before the reception!) but somehow it was still perfect. 

Not many people can say they got married in the middle of a record snow storm, but we are happy to say we did. 

Why Dani and Parker chose Lovecast 

Dani and Parker’s guest count had to be significantly decreased from 175 to less than 50 of family and a few friends. The majority of Dani’s family lives in Canada making it extremely difficult for them to attend, even if numbers would allow. 

They wanted to include all of their family and friends in our celebration, even if they couldn’t be there in person! Parker did some research, they thought about trying to livestream it themselves, but when they found Lovecast, they knew it was the perfect tool to share their special day!

“Thank you Lovecast for allowing our loved ones from near and far to experience this magical day with us (even from their warm, dry homes!)”

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