A Traditional Wedding in a Stunning Church

Leading up to their big day, Allison and Tyler faced many challenges, as every COVID couple has! Their wedding, in a stunning church, turned out to be the most wonderful day they could have asked for!
A Traditional Wedding in a Stunning Church

A Traditional Wedding in a Stunning Church

December 24, 2021

Allison and Tyler got engaged just before COVID, in February 2020. Thereafter, everything got shut down!

Allison and Tyer's journey to their wedding day

We had started to look at venues and was about to meet with the church to have our date confirmed, but then we weren't able to do anything. For months we had no idea when our wedding would be and I was filled with anxiety the whole time.

Finally a few months later we were able to find a venue and confirm a date, May 1st 2021.

We still had no idea what COVID would be like then but we took the chance. Fast forward to that day and it was the most wonderful and beautiful day we could have asked for!

Why Allison and Tyler chose Lovecast

Allison's sister, who has been sick for the past 3 years was not able to attend their wedding wedding. Lovecast made it possible for her sister was to watch her wedding ceremony, and reception too!

Allison's Instagram: @allisonmarie24

Wedding Photographer: Tammy Erb Photography

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