A Buenos Aires Micro Wedding - Livestreamed with Lovecast

A Buenos Aires Micro Wedding - Livestreamed with Lovecast

Tom and Lucia at their micro wedding in Buenos Aires

August 2, 2021

We are bringing you a love story from Buenos Aires today!

Tom and Lucia are a couple born out of COVID-19. Both living in Argentina, Tom is from Australia while Lucia is from Venezuela.

They met via the dating app Bumble in Buenos Aires just before Tom was about to head back home to Australia... and then the pandemic started.

Once the lockdown hit Argentina, they were faced with the decision of spending it alone or with each other. And what they had thought would be 2 weeks became 6 months. “It was an all-in risk we took. But it was the best decision we ever made. If you can survive 6 months in lockdown together, surely you can make it work for the rest of your lives together.” says Tom.

As soon as everything opened up, Tom and Lucia decided to get married while also celebrating the reduced restrictions! It was a challenge for them to find a venue, but they overcame this obstacle and found a beautiful rooftop at their favorite bar in Buenos Aires. They even invited a small group of their closest friends.

It was all put together in a resourceful "new world way," even Lucia’s stunning wedding dress was designed by herself.

“It was a difficult decision to have our wedding abroad during this time as we knew none of our families would be able to attend. But it was made easier with Lovecast - that made it so special to bring hundreds of people from all around the world together to watch our ceremony. It was amazing to watch after and see all their interactions with each other.

Family and friends joining their wedding via Lovecast
Tom's niece back in Australia was one of the guest too

"Both of us thought we were never going to get married, but what an experience it has been, and we can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together."

Virtual wedding by Lovecast App | 📷  by @studiodesreves |👗  handmade by @volframia with the vision of @lucirivas (the bride!)

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