Elijah and Kelsay's Hike to the Finish Line: From College to a Rooftop Wedding

Their mountain top wedding photos are seriously breathtaking!
Elijah and Kelsay's Hike to the Finish Line: From College to a Rooftop Wedding

Elijah and Kelsay's Hike to the Finish Line: From College to a Rooftop Wedding

October 6, 2021

Elijah and Kelsay met through a mutual friend at the University of South Carolina. They were cordial and would have small talk when they saw each other in passing or at social events.

Elijah had a short run as an off-campus DJ and as destiny would have it, Kelsay attended his first gig. She noticed that his set was amazing! 

It wasn't until March 2015, at a social gathering for Kelsay’s friend that they connected. Elijah and Kelsay began talking via Snapchat about what songs he should play throughout the night and the conversation never ended. 

Weeks later, they went for fro-yo at her favorite place and the rest was history.

Kelsay Tells us About the Proposal

One day while driving across Lake Murray, Elijah asked me if I'd ever been out on the lake- I hadn't. Some time went by and two of my friends asked if we'd be interested in going on a couples boat trip and after much complaining to Elijah about the date/weather/ set up of the boat- I agreed. 

Fast forward to the day and we meet up to set out for a cruise with our friends, beautiful weather, and many laughs later we head back to the dock, where I was surprised to see my family and other close friends waiting for us with balloons and signs!

Kelsay Tells us About the Wedding Day!

Our wedding took place on a rooftop terrace with mountain views in Asheville, North Carolina! Initially, the day was supposed to be cold with a chance of rain. When the ceremony began, the sun came out and there was no rain- go figure! 

We had a string trio play throughout our ceremony to showcase our love of music. I walked down the aisle to Canon in D, a song I knew I wanted to walk down to when I played it for the first-time in orchestra class while in high school. 

Elijah's uncle officiated the ceremony, which was very special and a memory we will cherish with him for the rest of our lives. After the ceremony we had lunch at Hemingway's Cuba while listening to a special playlist curated by none other than the Groom himself and were given best wishes from our wedding guests. 

We then had a blast taking photos in downtown Asheville with our bridal party and because we love travel and adventure, we decided to incorporate a little adventure into our day! We went hiking up Craggy Pinnacle to exchange personal vows and get some EPIC photos. 

I never thought I'd be hiking in a wedding dress, but it was such an unforgettable experience! Everything turned out better than we thought it would, we had a great time and so did our guests!

Why Elijah and Kelsay chose Lovecast

“Due to the pandemic, we scaled our wedding down from 250 guests in Columbia, SC to 45 guests in Asheville, NC. We wanted to include all of our friends and family that were not able to be with us on that day. 

Lovecast was easy to set up and provided an interactive experience for our guests! 

We really enjoyed reading the comments our guests made and seeing the photos added to the photo guestbook. It was also a much more affordable option than other streaming services! 

We also loved the fact that our friends and family who may have been busy during the wedding, still had an opportunity to watch the recording as soon as the stream was over. Our parents watched the wedding again the next day to relive the experience of their first children getting married. 

Lovecast made our day so special, allowing guests from over 10 states to attend virtually while keeping in-person guests safe!”

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