Get Unique Ideas from this Wedding at the Brooklyn Arts Center

Featuring an ice cream catering van and bourbon bar that served the couple's favorite favors to all their guests.
Get Unique Ideas from this Wedding at the Brooklyn Arts Center

Get Unique Ideas from this Wedding at the Brooklyn Arts Center

November 12, 2021

Michael and Sydney met while she was in grad school in Wilmington, North Carolina and he was stationed at Camp Lejeune.

Their first date was at a local ice cream shop called "Boombalattis" and our story just got sweeter from there!

Sydney and Michael tell us about their wedding day

Our wedding was truly the most wonderful day and exceeded everything we could have dreamed up. After a crazy year, nothing was better than celebrating our love with our family and friends.

One of the most fun parts of the wedding was having Boombalattis bring "Sprinkles," their ice cream catering van, to serve our favorite favors to all our guests.

In addition to ice cream, Michael also loves a good bourbon. As something fun for him, we opened the bourbon bar that was in the bell tower of our venue, Brooklyn Arts Center!

All our music and dancing was outside.

We brought in a big, clear tent and our amazing design team strung up lights and hung flowers and lanterns over the dance floor. It was a dream and felt like we were dancing under the stars.

Although all of these things were fun, the best part of the day was getting to marry my best friend and the man I love so much.

Being able to begin our marriage with our friends and family either celebrating by our side or virtually with us via Lovecast was the perfect way to start this new journey together, and we feel so blessed.

Why did Sydney and Michael decide to use Lovecast?

We got married in March 2021 and were so sad that some of our family and friends were unable to make it due to health concerns and travel restrictions as a result of COVID.

Michael is in the military and many of his friends are stationed across different parts of the country.

We decided to use Lovecast so that our friends and family from all over, and those who were unable to join us in person, were able to be part of our big day! It worked out perfectly and everyone loved it.

Plus, now we have a great recording of our ceremony!

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