Is the Naked Wedding Cake Trend Worth It?

Naked wedding cakes can work well with both rustic and industrial wedding venues or themes.
Is the Naked Wedding Cake Trend Worth It?

Naked Wedding Cake With Other Desserts

July 26, 2021

Getting ready to choose your wedding cake? There are so many options, and no, you don’t have to choose a white wedding cake with buttercream! This blog will give all of the information you need to decide if a naked wedding cake is right for you.

You’ll discover:

  • popular naked cake trends
  • the pros and cons of naked cakes
  • how much wedding cake you actually need
  • alternatives for wedding cake (because cake isn’t everyone’s thing) 

Let’s get to it!

Does the naked wedding cake live up to its reputation? 

We think so. This versatile cake design uses very little icing on the outside of the cake, allowing its stunning layers to show. It also gives you the opportunity to update the classic wedding cake with a unique twist. 

Is a naked wedding cake right for you? Many features may be viewed as pros or cons depending on your personal preferences. 

Naked wedding cakes:

  • work well with both rustic and industrial wedding venues or themes
  • can be presented in a way that fits the style of your event 
  • can keep your cake stable (no sweating!) if you are having an outdoor wedding in warm weather
  • can be more cost-effective (depending on the supplier) because they tend to have simpler decorations 

There are some other factors to consider too. Unfrosted wedding cake can get dry because there’s no icing on the outside to lock in the cake’s moisture. These cakes also tend to be less sweet because of the lack of icing. 

Instead of a traditional wedding cake with buttercream, try these naked wedding cake ideas!


Succulents are plants too! This cake from All Things Wedding Utah uses succulents instead of flowers. This is perfect for the couple that doesn’t like flowers or the couples who are hosting a wedding in the desert. 

Fresh Flowers For Frosting

fresh flowers covered tiered naked wedding cake
Instagram: @sapphireandlace

This stunning wedding cake from Bethel Bakery makes use of the couple's florals perfectly. The cake is nearly covered with fresh flowers! 

Untraditional Color

cake for summer wedding

Throw tradition out the window with this colorful naked wedding cake design. Whipped Bake Shop created a playful cake with flowers and a simple but stunning pop of color.

Rustic Celebration
Instagram: @_sammycakes

When most people think of a naked wedding cake, they think rustic. And while there are so many other ways to style your cake, you can never go wrong with a classic rustic cake! Sammy Cakes used simple twine to create a gorgeous rustic look. 


cream cheese wedding cake
Instagram: @baked.bymeg

Naked doesn’t have to mean boring. There are so many beautiful techniques you can create with icing! Baked by Meg used this stenciling technique to create texture on top of this couple’s naked layers. 

How much does the average wedding cake cost?

Let’s get down to business. How much do wedding cakes actually cost, and is a naked wedding cake really going to save you money? To decide, you’ll need to think about 3 things.

1. How much are you willing to spend?

According to The Knot, couples in the US spent an average of $500 on wedding cake in 2019. You can use this number for budgeting purposes, but the true cost of your wedding cake depends on the bakery.

The most important question to ask yourself is this: how much does a wedding cake matter to you? If a jaw-dropping cake is a priority for you, you may want to budget more to get exactly what you want. If cake isn’t super high on your priorities list, consider budgeting less and choosing something simple. 

2. How much wedding cake do you need? 

Martha Stewart suggests getting enough cake for 77-85% of your guests. You may also want to consider portion size. The size of a slice of cake will vary from one baker to another. 

Chances are most of your guests aren’t going to want a huge slice of cake anyway, so consider serving half-portions. This way, you’ll only need a cake that traditionally serves half of your total guest count! 

3. What cake flavors do you want? 

Basic chocolate cake or vanilla cake costs less, whereas fresh berries, red velvet, or any cake with ganache filling is in the more expensive league. And if you want each cake layer to have a different flavor, some bakeries might charge the entire cake based on the most expensive flavor.

4. Is a cake the only sweet option you’ll provide? 

It doesn’t have to be. You may want to make cake cutting a big event on your wedding day. You may want to forego the tradition altogether! 

No matter what you decide, a wedding cake doesn’t have to be the only dessert you serve. The options truly are endless! 

What about alternatives for wedding cake? 

What if cake isn’t quite your style? While Aunt Sue might try to convince you that you have to have a traditional wedding cake with buttercream and fondant flowers, the reality don’t. If cake isn’t your thing, consider these desserts for your sweets table! You can also find even more alternatives for wedding cake from Brides. 

dessert table


Cake - but more fun! You can combine so many flavors into a cupcake, you won’t have to settle for just one or two! Cupcakes can also be made in traditional or mini sizes.


Having a donut wall at your wedding is another huge trend right now. This display is both beautiful and delicious! You can mix up flavors and create a custom display. 

Personalized Cookies

Working with a bakery to create custom cookie designs is a great idea if you’re looking to add personal details at your wedding. These can double as a sweet snack and a wedding favor for your guests! 

Candy Bar 

If you'll have kids at your wedding, this is a great option. Set out goodie bags for your guests to fill with anything they want! You can even add personalized stickers to the bags to thank your guests for attending. 

His & Hers

His & hers drinks are super popular, but what about his & hers desserts? Pack up single servings of your favorite snacks for guests to take home! You can make this fun by adding one sweet and one salty treat. 

Many couples are choosing to ditch the traditional wedding cake with buttercream for something more unexpected. Whether you choose a naked wedding cake for your big day or some of these alternatives for wedding cake, your guests will love a sweet treat after a night of celebration. And if you’re ready to move on to other aspects of planning your big day, check out our blog! We have more blogs like this and, of course, plenty of information about livestreaming your wedding

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