Layla and Christophe’s Long Distance Love Story

After a long distance relationship during COVID-19, Layla and Christophe got engaged! With wedding planning happening in the Philippines, and the wedding itself in Belgium, their whirlwind love story turned out to me more fun than they ever could have imagined!
Layla and Christophe’s Long Distance Love Story

Layla and Christophe’s Long Distance Love Story

February 18, 2022

Layla and Christophe’s Story

“We started dating right before the lockdowns happened worldwide. During the tail end of 2020, there was an opportunity for a long distance couple to enter Belgium and we grabbed it. 

I came to Belgium for the holidays and that was when he proposed. We started planning the wedding when I came back to the Philippines in January 2021. 

The venue was scouted by my husband and everything else was DIY: my friend did my make up, his friends did the décor and flowers and another pair sang at the wedding. It was simple, quiet and intimate. 

I never imagined that getting married during the pandemic would be so much fun! 

Layla and Christpohe used Lovecast due to the pandemic. Layla’s friends and family from the Philippines could not join our wedding.

They wanted to make sure that they could join them, even though they were thousands of miles away. 

They researched various platforms, but Lovecast had glowing reviews from couples who used it! That's what sealed it for them. “Lovecast was definitely worth it!”

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