The Best Wedding Countdown Ideas in 2022

Whether it's for yourself or you want to give a great gift for the future bride and groom, a wedding countdown gets everyone excited for the special day.
 The Best Wedding Countdown Ideas in 2022

The Best Wedding Countdown Ideas in 2022

February 3, 2022

Even a wedding countdown sign on a simple chalkboard at the bridal shower has a magical effect on everyone involved in the wedding planning. Whether you're getting ready to say I do or looking for a thoughtful engagement gift for your favorite engaged couple as a wedding guest — we got you covered. 

For guests: Wedding countdown calendar gift ideas

If you're planning to attend an engagement party or looking for a bridal shower gift, a wedding countdown clock is your answer. Here are our two favorite options:

1. Wedding day advent calendar

An advent calendar is a wonderfully sentimental gift idea for the hopeless romantics. Some advent calendars feature 30 days of love quotes, but you can get even more romantic and make a DIY calendar yourself

This option lets you get really creative about selecting small token items that will have sentimental value for the couple and are actually easier to make than you might think!

2. The wedding countdown blocks

We love this option because it's such a highly customizable bride-to-be gift. You can choose the material, the fonts, and even a heartfelt message for them to see once you get close to the wedding date. It's a little more fun to display this wedding gift in your living room than a wedding planner, and there are so many beautiful locally made options on Etsy.

If you really want to make the wedding day countdown calendar special, you can pick out a special gift box that can be reused to hold other wedding-related keepsakes.

For couples: Digital countdown to wedding apps

If you're on the other end of the spectrum as a couple looking for ways to keep a digital countdown running for family and friends or just yourselves to stay organized, we have a few options for you.

1. If you want a quick and easy option to share a countdown on your social media, Lovecast is here to save the day. We created a template to design your own calendar for free in Canva using this template.

2. If you can't go anywhere without your iPhone, you can get started counting down with the free widget with the Zola app. The app also features a ton of other valuable features, like free templated wedding websites, vendor support, and premium wedding invites.

3. Whether you're Android or iOS, using it on your desktop or mobile, The Big Day Wedding Planning App has you covered

Once you've selected your tool, you'll want to set up your wedding countdown and possibly share it too! Here are a few easy ways to do just that:

  • If we're sticking with mobile, set the countdown as your home screen using a drag and drop widget so it can bring a smile to your face every day.
  • To get your friends and family excited, share screenshots on your social media or use Instagram's countdown feature in your stories with plenty of emojis.
  • Use Lovecast to livestream your wedding and take advantage of the built-in countdown on your event website. The Lovecast invitation link you shared with your guests will give your guests easy access to the wedding day countdown so they can get hyped up every time they see the invitation.

Count on Lovecast to make your wedding day special

With a couple of challenging years behind us, your friends and family will welcome the opportunity to bring more cheer into their life in every way possible. 

Lovecast loves to spread joy and not to ring our own wedding bells, but we're pretty great at it too. The wedding countdown is just the beginning; we also make sure all your friends and family can be a part of the action with a live chat, photo guest book, virtual rice toss, all festivities recorded instantly in HD video to keep the good vibes going before, during, and after your special day. Download the free app and let the countdown begin!

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