The New 2022 Non-Traditional Wedding Ideas to Suit Your Budget

Step outside the box and into your budget in 2022 with these non-traditional wedding ideas!
The New 2022 Non-Traditional Wedding Ideas to Suit Your Budget

The New 2022 Non-Traditional Wedding Ideas to Suit Your Budget

December 20, 2021

The words cookie and cutter aren't what you want to be mentioned on your big day unless you've included a DIY brownie bar. After the whirlwind that hit the wedding planning industry over the past two years, couples are looking for wedding ideas that help them forge ahead in intimate and thoughtful ways.

These non traditional wedding ideas help you manage a more bespoke event that speaks to who you are as a couple. The adaptability of an alternative wedding also helps ease stress (and budget) too! 

Here are the top non traditional wedding trends for 2022:

Become newlyweds on a weekday

Wedding party sizes are shrinking, and with many workplaces allowing for flexible remote options, it provides wedding guests with a little extra flexibility in their weekday timetable.

Anyone organizing a destination wedding will benefit from lower airfare and more availability for their officiants. 

An unconventional wedding day means you'll have access to top choice venues with a quicker turnaround. As much as your loved ones would never admit it, they'll love that your weekday wedding leaves their weekends free, too; you'll have to trust us on that one.

Have your first dance at a brewery

A brewery wedding won't be for everyone, particularly if you're interested in hosting a sober-curious wedding that avoids alcohol altogether (another 2022 trend). For everyone else, this is a pretty great way to feed two birds with one seed. 

Breweries feature large, open, minimalist spaces that provide lots of opportunities for social distancing and customization with your decor. 

They offer cheaper booze options than your average venue and can even create custom labels for the beers as kitschy wedding favors. 

If the brewery doesn't have a kitchen, you can hire a food truck that dolls out cotton candy, tacos, ice cream or skip it altogether and cater to your wedding guests in other creative ways. 

Many couples are doing away with the sit-down wedding receptions and swapping in cupcakes for the three-tier wedding cake — a unique idea that caters to a more casual wedding theme.

Set an elopement with the Kids

If you're keen to tie the knot but want to keep it to a teeny weeny micro wedding, why not pack up the family and call it a vacation marriage. You can livestream the wedding ceremony in the morning and be by the pool by noon. Or celebrate over brunch with your mini bridal party (in more than one way).

Celebrities like Lily Allen and David Harbour did it too by eloping to Las Vegas with their kids only. They followed their nuptials up with their first meal as man and wife at In-N-Out Burger. We're telling you, anything goes!

Turn your nuptials into a pro Livestream 

Suppose you want to do away with the traditional maid of honor, ring bearer, big rehearsal dinner, and focus only on a small wedding with family members. You can do this and still include everyone on your special day! 

Use a customized Lovecast page and hire a photographer to capture the day from multiple camera angles. A polished livestream is a popular wedding ceremony idea that will prevent any last-minute cancellations while ensuring your favorite people get a first-row seat to your big day.

You can go back and watch your wedding vows every year, too, since Lovecast will capture the entire service to enjoy in the years to come.

Rent the dress and jewels 

The wedding traditions state that the bride wears a white dress and bridesmaid dresses are in anything but white. With new non traditional wedding ideas, you have bridesmaids wearing white along with the bride! Or maybe you would prefer the entire wedding party in jumpsuits in vibrant colors! You can even go full royal and rent those ostentatious jewels that you would never usually buy yourself.

The best part about renting your wedding dress is that you can have fun with your choice and not worry too much about the cost or whether it will fit again in a few years. 

Groomsmen and grooms can rent a tux too without splashing out. Tradition once taught us to get sentimental about clothing that ultimately will never see the light of day after the final wedding decorations get put away.

Send wedding invitations digitally

Paper invitations are elegant for sure, and they're also costly when you have to change the date around. Digital wedding invitations allow you to move with the times. 

With websites like Paperless Post, you can still create a thematic invite that goes well with your wedding colors or theme. It's just a lot easier, faster, and better for the planet (and your wallet) to modify them with a couple of clicks of your mouse.

Go green with your wedding flowers

Choose in-season flowers and greenery, or opt for recyclable materials for your centerpieces. This trend is our favorite among the non traditional wedding ideas because it means supporting local as well as the planet. 

With an open mind, you can discuss the options with your florist that would have the least impact and come up with a plan for what to do with the flowers leftover at the wedding venue afterward to avoid waste. 

You can consider donating them to a retirement community or hospital or offering them to your guests to take home. Keep up the eco spirit by nixing fireworks, lanterns, or releasing balloons into the air, which (while dramatic and beautiful) are harmful to the environment. Rather than throwing confetti that’s damaging to the environment, opt for the virtual rice toss in Lovecast- it’s the virtual gift that keeps on giving!

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