The Top 8 Benefits of Livestreaming Your Wedding with Lovecast App

Thinking of livestreaming your wedding, but not sure what’s in it for you and your guests? Here are the top 8 benefits of livestreaming your wedding with the Lovecast App!
The Top 8 Benefits of Livestreaming Your Wedding with Lovecast App

The Top 8 Benefits of Livestreaming Your Wedding with Lovecast App

December 11, 2021

Livestreaming your wedding day has become a new norm this year, and it’s no wonder why. A livestream option is a perfect alternative for your guests who can’t make it to your celebration in person. 

Especially in the time of coronavirus, there are plenty of platforms that say they can livestream your wedding day. 

But in actuality, those platforms may not work that well for your celebration. You might find that they’re geared more for business meetings, one-to-one video calls, or influencers interacting with their thousands of followers. . 

That’s exactly why we designed the Lovecast App specifically for weddings. We want to make sure you have the best day ever as you celebrate your marriage. And we want to make it as easy as possible for you to share that celebration with all of your friends and family, wherever they are. 

So, what exactly can we do for you on your wedding day? Here are our top 8 benefits of livestreaming your wedding using Lovecast App! 

Benefit #1 of Lovecast App - No need to moderate or mute your guests - it’s already done for you.

Other video platforms just aren’t ideal for these kinds of ceremonies. Platforms, like Zoom,  allow every person to chime in over their computer. Each person can turn on their video camera and chat with anyone else in the Zoom party. And when that person talks, Zoom focuses on their video. 

That sounds great for a business meeting or a large party where everyone gets equal attention, right? But your wedding day is different. Having all of your guests turning on their video cameras lowers your video quality (Zoom only does 360P for group video call).

It also creates extra work for you to moderate their video and audio.  . And the platform you use to livestream your wedding shouldn’t treat your celebration like anything other than that!. 

That’s why your Lovecast website only shows one live video -- you getting married! One of the greatest benefits of livestreaming your wedding with Lovecast App is that the only thing you need to focus on is you and your partner. We keep the spotlight directly on you the entire time.

Benefit #2 of Lovecast App - Your guests can send their congratulations and celebrate with you through the live chat feature on your Lovecast website. 

Your guests will still be able to celebrate with you as you walk down the aisle, say your vows, and have your first kiss as a married couple. They’ll be able to chat throughout the ceremony with the live chat option on your Lovecast website.

Don’t worry - it doesn’t make a single sound, so it won’t interrupt your ceremony! Plus, it takes away the awkwardness of reminding your guests to mute themselves beforehand. And you’ll be able to go back and read through the live chat messages at any time!  

Benefit #3 of Lovecast App - Your livestream is saved directly to your phone and your Lovecast website. 

Don’t worry about waiting for months to receive small, edited clips of your wedding day. The livestream video of your ceremony and reception is available immediately on your phone and on your Lovecast website. You and your guests will be able to rewatch your wedding day over and over again!

Benefit #4 of Lovecast App - Your guests can celebrate with you through the app via virtual rice toss, online wedding guestbook, and wedding gift registry. 

With Lovecast Premium, your guests that are watching around the world will be able to celebrate with you as if they were there in person. 

In the live chat feature on your Lovecast website, your friends and family can show their excitement with a virtual rice toss. You’ll be able to see it when you read through the live chat transcript later! They’ll also be able to sign an online wedding guestbook right on the website, too!

They can add a picture and a sweet note to express their congratulations, and you’ll be able to look through it at any time to see who was there with you on your big day. 

Invited guests use the virtual rice toss feature during a livestreamed wedding ceremony using Lovecast App

And, if they want to send you a congratulatory gift, they have the option to do that, too. You can link your wedding gift registry to your Lovecast website. Your guests will love the ease and simplicity of purchasing a gift directly from your registry from the comfort of their home! 

Want to see what that looks like? Take a look at a sample wedding here! 

Benefit #5 of Lovecast App - Your guests don’t need to do anything other than clicking the link to your Lovecast website. 

Unlike Zoom, which requires a link, a login code, and a password, or Facebook Live, which requires a Facebook account, your guests don’t need anything other than the link to your Lovecast website. 

Yep, it’s as easy as sending the link to your guests and them clicking it! The link will take them straight to your Lovecast site, and your livestream video will automatically pop up for them. That’s it! 

Benefit #6 of Lovecast App - You can invite as many guests as you want to watch via livestream -- no guest limit capacity! 

Some platforms limit the number of guests you can have watching your wedding livestream. We don’t believe in limiting the number of guests who want the chance to celebrate with you. That’s exactly why we don’t give you a guest limit when you livestream your wedding with Lovecast. Invite anyone and everyone to watch your special day!

Benefit #7 of Lovecast App - Your guests will be able to see every detail with livestreaming in HD. 

Few things are worse than watching a fuzzy, pixelated livestream video. And a lot of the platforms out there are doing just that -- giving your guests a fuzzy video of your ceremony even when you have a good internet connection. 

Not here. We’re committed to making sure your wedding livestream is just as good as being there in person. Our livestreaming platform allows your guests to watch your wedding in high definition.*  It’ll be just as if they’re sitting in the audience! 

Benefit #8 of Lovecast App - Your guests can RSVP to get notifications so they won’t miss a single moment of your celebration! 

Worried that your guests might miss out on the actual ceremony? Or are they wanting to watch as you cut your cake together, but you’re not totally sure what time that will be? No worries, we’ve got you covered there, too! It’s as easy as clicking the “RSVP” button on the top corner of your Lovecast website.

Tell your guests to click the RSVP button, and they’ll get email notifications throughout the day so they won’t miss a single moment of your celebration. Plus, if you opt-in to our Lovecast Premium option, they’ll get email and text notifications, too! 

There are plenty of options out there when it comes to livestreaming your wedding ceremony. 

But, unlike any other video platform, Lovecast App goes above and beyond for you and your guests on your wedding day! We want to make sure your day is centered around you as you get married, while having your guests participate in the celebration right when it happens. 

If you’re opting to livestream your wedding, go ahead and do yourself a favor - choose a platform that’s designed specifically for weddings. Get the benefits of livestreaming your wedding with Lovecast App now!

* Lovecast App always aims for the highest quality video streaming allowed by the internet. The actual quality of the livestream video is limited by the internet connection.

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