Two Gorgeous Ballerina's Tied the Knot

Get ready to be inspired by some serious "ballet wedding photos"!
Two Gorgeous Ballerina's Tied the Knot

Two Gorgeous Ballerina's Tie the Knot

October 24, 2021

Benjamin is from Michigan, Emma is from Ohio. After meeting at a summer arts camp in rural Michigan, they began dating more than a decade later!

Emma tells us the story of how they met:

We met at a summer arts camp in rural Michigan and when we went home after the summer, and never kept in touch (quite honestly, I think he completely forgot about me)! Flash forward 10+ years, and we both joined the Nevada Ballet Theatre in Las Vegas for the 2014 season.

We began dating and after five years, Ben finally proposed while we were backstage after a performance.

Emma and Benjamin's Ohio wedding:

Despite currently living in Las Vegas, I had always wanted to get married in my home state of Ohio. I had envisioned seeing all our friends faces from past and present intermixed with our large extended families. Of course, little did we know that our world would be turned upside down this year.

Like so many engaged couples, our year was filled with ups and downs as we tried to navigate what to do. Ultimately we decided to stick with our original date while scaling down dramatically, taking precautions (including loading up the car and driving to Ohio rather than fly), and following a number of protocols.

We celebrated with a small number of friends and family. It felt pretty awesome to start the new year by marrying your best friend.

Even though it wasn’t how we pictured it, we were able to livestream the ceremony for all our friends and family to still be part of our day. The outpouring of love and support was humbling and we couldn’t be happier!

Why Emma and Benjamin Used Lovecast:

We knew as soon as we decided to continue on with our wedding that we would need to livestream the ceremony due to the pandemic. We looked into several options and ultimately chose Lovecast because of the extreme value for our money.

We loved that there was no limit to the number of guests who could join us, as well as the virtual guest book.

We also loved that because we just used our phone, the video was automatically saved and something we will always have!

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