12 Christmas Wedding Ideas to Bring Holiday Cheer

Hosting your wedding during the holiday season doesn't need to be double the work.
12 Christmas Wedding Ideas to Bring Holiday Cheer

12 Christmas Wedding Ideas to Bring Holiday Cheer

October 1, 2021

Planning a wedding around the holidays might seem like a challenge. After all, how are you supposed to compete with all of the holiday spirit?

Our answer for you? Don’t compete! Embrace the holiday season. Add festivities and cheer to your wedding aesthetic instead! 

We have 12 Christmas wedding ideas for you to implement into your special day so you don’t have to worry about the holidays stealing your spotlight. 

Stylized save the dates, invitation suites, and place cards

12 Christmas Wedding Ideas to Bring Holiday Cheer
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Start your wedding aesthetic off on the right foot with stylized save the dates, invitation suites, and place cards. Use festive colors like green, red, and pops of gold. You can even include patterns like mistletoe and Christmas trees in your invitation suite design. 

Either way, your guests will immediately pick up on the wedding mood you’re going for as soon as they open your Christmas wedding invitations.

Warm welcome treat

Gingerbread cookies are an excellent welcome treat for a Christmas wedding

Keep the mood and style of your wedding going as soon as your guests arrive at your wedding ceremony. Either have someone there to pass out warm treats or lay them out for a self-service option. 

No matter how you do it, having a warm welcome treat like mulled wine, eggnog, or hot apple cider and gingerbread cookies will get your family and friends feeling cozy and comfortable right from the start. 

Gift bags for your guests

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The holidays are the season of giving! Stay true to the tradition by giving your guests a beautiful gift as a wedding favor. Your gift can include a sweet ornament that pertains to your wedding venue or overall location.

You might also include a make-your-own-at-home hot chocolate jar with cocoa powder, marshmallows, and crushed candy canes.

Your gift bag for your loved ones doesn’t have to be huge or extravagant. But even a small one will show how much you love and appreciate each one of them! 

Go all in on Christmas décor

A large Christmas tree is used as decor for a wedding

Use Christmas and holiday décor in your reception hall and even as ceremony décor. One of our favorite décor ideas is to set your reception tables with wreaths around the place settings and wedding centerpieces.

Greenery is a perfect homage to the season, so add it throughout your ceremony and reception sites. You might even consider twining greenery with twinkle string lights to add the ethereal, cozy mood of tree lights. 

Plan your menu

Round out your Christmas-themed wedding with a holiday inspired dinner menu for your reception! Whatever your favorite Christmas dishes are, offer those same ones to all of your loved ones.

They’ll love getting to have two holiday dinners during the season! And it’s such a fun, unique way to embrace the time of year. 

Serve festive desserts and treats

Speaking of the dinner menu, you might also consider adding festive desserts and treats to your reception, too. Like we mentioned earlier, mulled wine and gingerbread cookies are perfect at the start of the ceremony.

If you’re planning on a late night end to your wedding reception, you might want to add a late night treat like hot chocolate. 

Choose a holiday themed color palette

Christmas wedding ideas for color palettes include red, gold, green, and white or silver

Out of all the Christmas wedding ideas, this is one of our favorites. What better way to embrace the holidays than by including them in your overall color palette and wedding day style. 

Choose a color palette with a deep, royal emerald green and a bright red. Make it pop with accents of gold and white. You can even incorporate the colors into your wedding day look by selecting some emerald green jewelry or shoes. 

Have a winter wonderland themed wedding cake

A winter themed wedding cake topper is perfect for a rustic Christmas wedding
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Your wedding cake can play a part in your Christmas wedding theme, too! Have your cake decorator create a tiered wedding cake with white frosting. Then have it decorated with white edible glitter or even coconut to play into your winter wedding ideas.

For a pop of color, have your baker add red berries, such as cranberries, to it! If you really want to make a statement, you can add poinsettias for décor, too.

Select plants that are in season

A Christmas bridal bouquet uses holly berries and silver leaves
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While spring has plenty to choose from, flowers that grow around the holidays are just as stunning! Holiday themed florals like poinsettias, amaryllis, or red garden roses will look stunning with your Christmas-inspired color palette.

Sprigs of pine, holly berries, lamb’s ears, and silver dollar eucalyptus will also look incredible as accent pieces among your décor. Even adding cranberries and pine cones among wedding décor and centerpieces will add to your holiday wedding theme!

Ring the (jingle) bells for a kiss

Silver jingle kissing bell for Christmas themed wedding
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We love this old tradition of ringing a bell for the couple to kiss. And if you’re looking to add Christmas wedding ideas to your holiday themed wedding, then don’t skip this one. 

Instead of having plain bells for your guests, offer jingle bells either after the ceremony or at their place setting at your reception. 

Warm up with a bourbon bar

A bourbon bar is set up during a Christmas wedding reception

What better way to warm up your guests than with a bourbon bar at your reception or during your cocktail hour. Give your friends and family the gift of relaxing and indulging in a warm bourbon drink.

Make it snow for your grand exit

Shop This Image: BubbleandBerry on Etsy, Magic Snow for Wedding, price upon request

Give new meaning to the phrase “white wedding!” One of our favorite Christmas wedding ideas is to make the holidays a part of your grand exit. If you’re planning to have a final farewell, but confetti and sparklers aren’t standing out to you, then make it snow instead!

You can find plenty of options, whether it’s fake snow in confetti poppers or even small bags filled with it. Either way, it’ll be the perfect end to a holiday themed wedding. And your wedding photos (and your livestream!) will look incredible! 

Livestream your wedding!

Livestream your Christmas themed wedding

And to round out our Christmas wedding ideas, we recommend live streaming your wedding. The holidays are, no doubt, a super busy time of the year. And some of your favorite people might not be able to travel to make it to your wedding with all of the Christmas plans. 

Livestream your wedding so every one of your loved ones can celebrate with you, even if they can’t be with you in person! 

Hopefully this list of Christmas wedding ideas helps you in your wedding planning. There are plenty of ways to embrace the season! And if you’re ready to learn more about live streaming your holiday themed wedding, we can help you! Click here to get started! 

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