Introducing the Lovecast Guest Tables

Introducing the Lovecast Guest Tables

May 22, 2021

At Lovecast, we’re constantly innovating on ways for you and your guests to celebrate.

Your virtual guests will be spreading their exuberant energy at your Lovecast virtual wedding. They will do it via live text chat by messaging each other, commenting on the set-up, complementing your outfits, tossing that rice, and sending many, many heart eyes emojis 😍.

We’re now bringing one more way for your guests to interact. Guest tables are a part of almost every wedding -- so why not add virtual guest tables? Our new Live Audio Guest Tables are the perfect way for guests to catch up with old friends (or meet new ones) while viewing your amazing wedding together.

Now on your wedding day, your remote guests can create virtual guest tables. They’ll be able to hop around tables and communicate with intimate groups of friends and family while admiring you on your special day.

The Guest Tables feature will be available on June 8th, 2021, as part of the Lovecast premium package and can be toggled on/off by the event hosts.

Since this is a new exciting feature, we are sure you have plenty of questions. The good news is, we’ve already got the answers prepared, so let’s jump right in the questions.

Q: Do my guests have to be at a guest table to watch my wedding?

Guest tables are totally optional. So your guests can totally have an amazing experience even without being at any guest table.

Q: Will this distract my guests from my wedding livestream?

We’ve heard your concern; after all, you’ll want your vows to be heard!. Rest assured that your guests only hear the audio chat within a guest table. So it won’t distract anyone outside the table, and the sound definitely wouldn’t come through to your wedding site.

We also have an easy way for the guests to mute themselves.  If your guests still find the table too noisy for them to enjoy your wedding, they can also quickly “leave the table.” After all, the guest tables are optional :-)

Q: How can a guest table be created?

Your guests can either join or create a table on your Lovecast website an hour before the event time.

Q: Can I join as a host?

We don’t support joining from the host app just yet. But you still join and visit a table if you open the guest website!

Q: Will I be able to see what happened at the guest tables afterward?

We do not record what guests are talking about on the table, but you can see a list of tables created on your event page. In our future versions, you will even be able to see who was once on each table.

Q: What is the max number of people allowed at each table?

Today each table has a capacity of 8. But you or your guests can easily add additional tables.

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