Read This and Plan Your Hawaii Elopement

Read This and Plan Your Hawaii Elopement

July 21, 2021

Wedding season this year is full of buzz around destination weddings and, specifically, the best elopement locations for the big day. There's just something about a stress-free wedding day complimented with snorkeling, beautiful beaches, and fresh fruit that sounds pretty good to us.

The beauty of getting married on the island of Hawaii (aside from the stunning ceremony location) is that you will cover your wedding day and honeymoon all-in-one go.

To make sure that you have the best time during your elopement experience, we've covered the basics of everything you need to know for eloping in Hawaii. Let's talk about how to elope in Hawaii.

Why elope in Hawaii? Here’s 4 good reasons

There are a zillion reasons why you should consider saying your I dos on a Hawaiian island. Here are the most obvious reasons to pack your bags and elope in Hawaii.

1. Ideal Pricing 

Eloping means your ceremony size is kept small. Elopement packages will be more cost-effective than a large traditional wedding. With the extra budget, you can book a fancy Airbnb in the more tourism-driven (and gorgeous) Hanalei.

2. Heavenly Weather 

You can confidently plan your beach elopement knowing that Hawaii is famous for its consistently gorgeous weather. 

The Big Island has four climate zones and eight of the world's climate subzones within it alone. Don't love humid weather for the big day; you can go more "summer dry." If you're not worried about your makeup melting off, drive an hour to the more tropical area.

Couple at a destination wedding at the beach

3. Beautiful beach wedding photos 

Waikiki Beach and Oahu Waikiki Beach are world-class, so your wedding photographer will have no shortage of mind-blowing material. The photos of your Hawaiian wedding ceremony will no doubt be cherished around your home for years to come. 

A Hawaii wedding gives family and friends a feast for the eyes while they tune into your livestream!

4. The ultimate adventure elopement 

If a white sand beach (or black sand beach) isn't your thing, you can grab your officiant and get married on a mountain top in Waimea Canyon State Park. 

The Road to Hana in Maui can serve as an unbelievably scenic elopement day full of waterfalls, coastal views, and lush rainforest greenery. 

If you're into volcanoes, plan Maui elopement in the Haleakala National Park—just don't take a lava rock as a wedding memento because it's bad luck!

married couple at hawaii sunset

Plan your Hawaii elopement in 5 steps

The best part of the elopement experience is that it takes far fewer steps to plan your wedding day. 

Here are the main points you'll want to cover.

  1. Choose the island that speaks to you as a couple: There are 136  beautiful islands, of which you can choose from 7 to tailor your experience to whatever your heart desires. Do some research on the typical activities in addition to the elopement packages offered by each island.
  2. Book a Hawaii elopement photographer and set up your Lovecast account: With a stunning backdrop you’ll want to make sure you capture every angle. Having a wedding photographer ensures you will have the memories to last a lifetime while the livestream helps your family feel like they’re part of the ceremony too. It’s the ultimate combination.
  3. Apply for a marriage license and look into any required permits for the national parks: Don’t underestimate this important step. Getting married outside of your state means you have research to do. Do it early so you can move on to the fun stuff.
  4. Pick a Hawaii elopement package that suits your budget: Do some price comparison shopping and make sure that you know what you’re willing to splurge on going into it. If you have a wedding planner, you can cover all the most important aspects for the big day and they can help you to narrow it down.
  5.  Get ready to say aloha!

How to include loved ones in your elopement ceremony

It's understandable if you have doubts about leaving your friends and family behind, but don't fret. Most modern couples include livestream links, even in traditional weddings. It's become an essential aspect of every wedding, big or small. With the backdrop of Honolulu or Molokai, your friends will just be happy to share the beauty of the moment, even from afar. 

It's time to say aloha (and I do)!

Hopefully, the benefits of a Hawaii elopement are now clear, and you're excited to take that first step. If you're curious to see how Lovecast can make your wedding day even more unique, visit the blog for inspiration and tips like how to send your virtual wedding invites. We firmly believe that the modern bride should have her cake and eat it too.

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