The best wedding presentation ideas: a guide for your special day

Get the top tips to create an amazing wedding slideshow.
 The best wedding presentation ideas: a guide for your special day

The best wedding presentation ideas: a guide for your special day

October 24, 2021

We've all been to a wedding ceremony where the couple puts together a wedding video or a PowerPoint to highlight special moments in their relationship. A wedding PowerPoint presentation is a fantastic way to bring your family and friends into your love story. 

That said, there are a few wedding presentation ideas and tips that can help ensure that you're creating a positive viewing experience for your loved ones. Here's everything you need to know about making a winning montage that will have your wedding guests wishing they brought extra Kleenex.

Planning in 5 steps

Creating the slideshow won't take much time; most programs like Canva feature drag and drop templates with easily editable transitions. Before jumping in, make sure you've done a bit of planning to ensure the end results match your vision for your wedding slideshow.

1. Pick Your Slideshow Maker 

Many freemium options can help you create wedding slideshow ideas with their built-in layouts and design templates. Here are a few of our favorites:


If you're used to using Powerpoint templates for school or work, this could be your best bet because chances are you already have the software and are familiar with how it works.

If you're not fond of using Powerpoint Presentation Templates, never fear! There are many more options, most of which are free to use.


Canva is easy-to-use graphic design software that offers both a free and premium pricing option.

Use Canva to generate perfect wedding presentation ideas by scrolling through the various wedding themes and bride and groom emoticons-it's so easy to use that it makes newbies into amateur designers! 

It also helps that there’s an app that you can have handy on your phone to access and edit designs on the go. You can even use Canva to design beautiful budget-friendly wedding invitations

Google Slides or Google Photos

Both Google Slides and Google Photos are free to use, making a photo slideshow for the big day as easy as click, drag, drop.

If you're already familiar with the Google Suite, this could be a no-brainer because you'll be able to skip any additional tutorials and get right to the fun stuff. This also frees up more time for other wedding planning to be done.


If you're a Mac user or a professional editor, iMovie has some really unique features that allow you to optimize transitions, audio, and video overlays. For anyone else, this could be a bit stickier to learn and use.

2. Pick a wedding slideshow template for length

If you're aiming for anything longer than 10-minutes, it's too long. 

We all have a limited attention span these days. Even if your wedding day is totally about you and your dream reception, try to distill it down to the most pivotal moments for your family members' sake. Picking a template that mirrors the length will help you stick to it and use only the very best material.

3. Collect video clips and photos

This is the fun part! You get to take a walk down memory lane and start generating wedding presentation ideas. Cut the photos with short 20-second video clips to keep them interesting.

Pro tip: Opt for clean, high-res photos versus the "artistic license" stylized formats or screenshots of your social media accounts. When displayed on a large-format screen, it can be pretty dull to look at bad-quality images. 

4. Add the most meaningful music

The music adds an emotional tone. Even plain wedding photos come alive and make us weep when paired with the 'perfect' Ed Sheeran song (pun intended). 

If there's a song that stands out, apply it to your slideshow - or edit a few verses of songs you love. It can help to interchange the tempo with a few 'peppier' options in between verses one, long slow song.

5. Automate it

If you don't want to make a big deal out of showing the slideshow at the wedding reception, you can always have the slideshow playing on loop in the background when people enter for dinner and then mute it for the remaining time. 

For any guests attending virtually, you can automate a premier time to livestream before your Lovecast event.

Make memories with your wedding livestream

Being apart from loved ones on your big day means you'll want to find creative ways to personalize their viewing experience so that they can feel part of the celebration. That's why more couples are choosing to livestream their wedding to bridge the distance with Lovecast. 

There are many ways loved ones can participate whether it's before with our video guest book or during by sending their supportive notes in the live chat.

Your remote guests will feel extra special when you include a symbolic photo or video of them in your wedding presentation that can be set to play automatically at the perfect moment during your livestreamed event. 

Feeling excited to get creating? Check out these featured couples for inspo and make sure to tag us on the big day on Instagram!

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