The Best Apps for Wedding Planning (And Other Must-Have Tech for Your Special Day)

Whether you need some wedding inspiration, a budgeting platform or an app to help you send out digital invitations, this post has it all.
The Best Apps for Wedding Planning (And Other Must-Have Tech for Your Special Day)

The Best Apps for Wedding Planning (And Other Must-Have Tech for Your Special Day)

October 6, 2021

Planning a modern wedding is no longer about flipping through bridal magazines. Those giant binders we used to see in the early 2000’s rom-coms have been replaced with apps on our phones.

With so many resources to sort through online, trying to plan a wedding can quickly become complicated.

In this blog, we’re breaking down all of our go-to recommendations for the best apps for planning a wedding. Check them out below!

The best apps for wedding planning

Let’s start with the apps that let you do practically everything - in one place. WeddingWire, Zola, and The Knot are the most popular choices. You can house your wedding website, research and keep track of vendors, create a budget, and even manage guests. 

Not sure where to start? We wrote a blog detailing everything you need to decide which wedding website is right for you. Take a look! 

Unfortunately, these apps and many other wedding planning apps fall short in one huge area: live-streaming your wedding. Many offer Zoom integration, but no other streaming compatibility. And Zoom might be great for meetings, but it’s not the best choice for your wedding livestream. 

We noticed this issue and it was one of the reasons we created Lovecast. We made adding the link to your wedding livestream super easy, no matter what wedding website you’re using. You can learn more about setting up a wedding livestream and Lovecast’s other incredible features here!

If you’re looking for the best apps for specific parts of wedding planning, check out these. 

For Inspiration 

Pinterest is often the go-to for wedding inspiration, but Instagram is also quickly becoming a fierce competitor. Both of these apps have easy search compatibility so you can find what you’re looking for quickly. If you’re looking for more inspiration mixed with expert advice, check out the Budget Savvy Bride community.

For realistic budgeting

Mint is by far the winner when it comes to staying on a budget. Regardless of the size of your budget, Mint can help you stay on track. Mint will help you keep everything organized so you don’t risk spending more than you want to. 

For sending digital invitations

Paperless Post is an app for any and all digital invitations you might need. You can easily send digital wedding invitations via email and text message. Even if you’d like your formal wedding invitations to be real paper sent through the mail, you can use this app for other wedding-related events like your engagement party, showers, and rehearsal dinner. 

Canva is easy-to-use graphic design software that offers both a free and premium pricing option. Use Canva to design beautiful budget-friendly wedding invitations or perfect slideshows by scrolling through the various wedding themes and bride and groom emoticons-it's so easy to use that it makes newbies into amateur designers!  It also helps that there’s an app that you can have handy on your phone to access and edit designs on the go.

Your invitations aren’t the only traditional paper product you can swap for a digital one. Consider a digital guestbook at your wedding to keep all of those precious messages and pictures right on your phone. You can read more about setting up a digital guestbook below! 

For shopping

Whether you’re DIYing parts of your wedding or just need a few accessories, knowing where to shop without spending a fortune is important. Etsy is perfect for finding bespoke details from small businesses and independent artists. Make sure you research – because many retailers make everything by hand and pieces are often made to order, some Etsy shops can be quite expensive. 

If you’re looking for something more affordable, Amazon has great options for details like veils and gifts. And if you or a guest needs to find something affordable to wear, Queenly sells never-worn and gently used wedding and formal dresses for every budget! 

For celebrating your wedding day with friends and family virtually

If you want to livestream your wedding, Lovecast is the only app you need. Our live streaming quality and experience is unparalleled, and most of our services are completely free! The Lovecast app has so many unique features you can use before, during, and after your wedding day. Visit our website to get more information! 

What other tech can you use on your wedding day? 

Wedding Snapchat filters

Throughout your wedding day, guests are going to be documenting on their phones. While there are moments where you may want to explicitly ask guests to enjoy being phone-free, once the party gets started, you can add personal details to make their experience that much more enjoyable. You can create custom wedding filters on Snapchat in just a few steps. This is a great way to add something fun for your guests to take part in. You can encourage your guests to upload their photos to your digital guestbook too! 

Wedding hashtags

Aside from being super fun to use, wedding hashtags are perfect for collecting guest pictures from your wedding day! While some couples opt to create witty or punny hashtags, you can also keep yours basic. The Knot has a handy guide to creating the perfect wedding hashtag. 

If you’re looking for another way to collect photos, The Knot has an app called The Guest that can help you do that! The Guest is a photo-sharing app that automatically uploads guest photos to a shared album. All you need to do is set it up before your wedding! Google Photos is also a great option. Just create an album and share the link with your guests so they can upload their photos. 


Wedding photography with a drone is great if you’re looking for awesome aerial footage of your wedding day. Most videographers offer drone footage as an upgrade to their wedding day packages, and some may even include it! Make sure to follow all of the safety guidelines and regulations of your venue if you’ll be using a drone on your wedding day. 

Livestream your wedding 

There are many benefits to having a wedding livestream. Lovecast can help you bring your friends and family to the celebration, no matter how far away they are! To decide if a wedding livestream is the right choice for your wedding, check out our guide to virtual weddings. It will help you determine the best path for you. 

Use a GoPro 

Using a GoPro is a great idea if you’d like to DIY your wedding videography or use it to add another angle to film your wedding. Because it’s light and compact, you can place it just about anywhere. You can also use a GoPro to livestream your wedding!

Impeccable quality, a digital guestbook, and more: The Lovecast App 

Micro wedding livestream setup

One of Lovecast’s most unique features is our digital guestbook. A digital guestbook allows you to collect messages and photos from all of your guests – even the ones celebrating virtually! 

Included in the app, our guestbook is perfect for weddings that have a mix of in-person and virtual guests. For onsite guests, print out a QR code linking to your guestbook. All guests have to do is scan it to add to it! Your virtual guests can access your guestbook right in the app, or you can link to it on your wedding website. 

When looking for the best apps for wedding planning, let Lovecast be your guide! A digital guestbook is just one of the many incredible features the Lovecast App has to help you celebrate your wedding day with everyone you love. And of course – you can livestream your wedding too!

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